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Today, I tried to get over my childhood phobia of syringes by donating blood. The phlebotomist hadn't even touched the needle before I started sobbing hysterically. They made me leave. FML
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well u guess you could say u tried?

Just put some music on and tune it out. I hate needles too.. but when push comes to shove I can at least look away and think of something else.


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Why would they do that if they need blood? FYL

the blood goes through the needle to the syringe. and fyl op.

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OP is a pussy!!! Hahaha! Just kiddinggg:)

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I know. But they wouldn't turn someone down

they would if someone is squirming and crying and carrying on like an idiot in a way that they could potentially harm themselves when getting stuck by a needle. not to mention elevated blood pressure and stress are not good for donating blood.

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get addicted to meth, then problem solved you're never gonna be afraid of syringes again.

Bloody hell, op I know how you feel. well, I don't cuz I'm not afraid of needles, but I always pass out right after and hittin my head on concrete is what scares me..

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Actually 1 they do reject donors just by; -Weighting less than 110 lb -Been Homosexual -Having a recent tattoo -Recently traveled to some countries (I.e. Africa) -and god knows what else lol yup. One of my friends couldn't donate because he was gay and the other because she just got a tattoo. the rest is based on books I have read. I'm guessing they don't want to waste their time examining contaminated blood..... discriminating I know. :(


it's really not that bad calm down.

50, it's because those discriminations are legit.

Hey now, pussy-discrimination is as legit as it gets. Wimp-blood is not the kind of pussy juice men like!

No no no. OP got what he deserve I agree with you there. Is the theory that just because someone is gay he/she carries some kind of disease. >_<

its called being smart. gettin a tatoo does contaminate your blood. being gay, does substamtially increase your risk of certain blood transmitted diseases do i need to go on?

I agree with you there 70. But I was stating what I thought. 

I agree with you too seventy although the boobies and subsequent women in your profile pic distracted me slightly.

Reminds me of my younger brother. He went to get his swine flu shot and the nurse cleaned his arm with that alcoholic wipe. While she was wiping, he was crying and screaming "Ahhh" like a little girl and saying stuff like "No! Please don't do it!" Funny memories FTW.

Right, like being gay makes you unable to donate blood. And what's Africa got to do with anything? You have to get vaccinations before you can go there, and we believe it or not we have places here to donate blood too.

124: The travel restrictions aren't just for "Africa"; they cover travel anywhere with a risk of malaria, including many African countries, and tropical countries in Asia and the Americas. That's because antimalarial drugs don't actually prevent the transmission of malaria. They drastically lessen the effects, should you contract it. I know the antimalarial drugs can have some severe side effects, too, so travelers don't always take them correctly. For the record, you can't donate blood if you've gotten a piercing within the past 12 months either.

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you most definitely will not be denyed donating blood because you are "gay". they ask you questions like have you ever had sex with a man who's been diagnosed with aids, or had sex with a man who has had sex with another man. but they never ask you if you are gay. ever.

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Being gay doesn't increase your chance for diseases. But back in the 70s the US was even more hateful towards gay people than now, I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. So they banned gay blood because they wanted to believe that by being gay you automatically got AIDS. Percentage-wise straights have more diseases than homosexuals. In the UK half of the latest years diagnoses of HIV were heterosexuals, 5% from drugs, 2% mother-to-child (meaning infected women having children), 2% from blood or tissue transfer, and 5% from unknown causes. That comes out to 64% of HIV not coming from homosexual relationships. Leaving only the remaining 36% to homosexuals.

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36% is a lot considering there are way more strait people than gay

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I hate needles so much. they don't hurt but I hate the idea of a needle being pushed into your skin

no, the blood goes through the needle into the tube and into the blood bag. a syringe only holds like 50 ccs

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well u guess you could say u tried?

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I once hid from the doctor. You know how small those rooms are. Phfff ... at least I tried.

FYLDeep 25

Pretty sure syringes aren't involved at all in blood donation.

You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

FFML_314 11

Or his comment was sarcastic and you clearly can't recognize it. :] It's one or the other. I'm going with the latter.

FYLDeep 25

No. What would they need a syringe for? The blood should flow out via your heart. It's not like they are injecting something.

FFML_314 11

Hey, I was trying to be right here. You ruined it!

syringes aren't involve. o.o why do you guys insist that they are? they insert the needle on your arm... that needle is attached to a tube that is attached to a bag. No syringes involve. @_@

Ugh you ******* retards. Needles ARE syringes.

umm no. -.- A needle is a needle and a syringe is a syringe.

sourgirl101 28

I think it's the other way around. Syringes are/have needles. Hey, I don't blame anyone fearing that needle, those things are huge! McDonald straw huge! But who doesn't like cookies and juice?

No, syringes are hard plastic tubes with stoppers which suck things out or put things in, via a needle attached tons syringe, or without a needle. I use syringes for g-tube feedings, I do not use needles. Needles are called needles, or in the case of IV's cannula needles, and after the needle is removed, it's just a cannula. For blood, they use a huge 18 gauge cannula needle to start the IV access. And for the record, I am a registered nurse, who uses this stuff on a regular basis, and inventories it on a semi regular basis. I KNOW what my equipment is, officially and unofficially.

ComeTogether- you're wrong. Sorry. A needle is attached to a syringe to either deliver medication or to aspirate a fluid (blood, serous fluid, pus, etc). The syringe is the plastic (sometimes glass) device to which the needle attaches. Now who's stupid? Huh?

Dammit, evilhobbit, you beat me to it. Thanks for making me look like a repetitious dolt. :)

well obvs she meant she's afraid of the needle part cause noones afraid of the plastic part

6... are you ******** me? OF COURSE THEY USE NEEDLES! how else would they collect the blood you retard. what are you suggesting. they slit your wrist and what ever they can catch in a bag is why you donated

FYLDeep 25

I never said that needles weren't involved. Quit being retarded. **** the lives of the people who responded to this comment who think that a needle = syringe. As far as the OP goes she deserves everything that happened for the same reason.

jpw, put on a shirt then look up "syringe" in the dictionary. That's a big book that has words and their definitions within. Then look up "needle" and "cannula." Then feel free to apologize.

137, firstly, no I shan't I live in Australia it's bloody boiling, and when you've got my abs you wouldn't wear a shirt either. secondly, I'm an English major I know what a dictionary is. and thirdly I realize they are different things by definition but the point is OP is still getting stabbed in the arm with a needle whether thats technically it's name or not. If you have a fear of spiders and I put a tarantula in your bed I could argue all day that it's not a spider, it would still make you shit yourself.

tarantula = type of spider. syringe =/= needle

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That was the point. You can say it's not a spider, but the person would just know it is, and still be scared. The point they were trying to make is that even if the thing being used to take the blood isn't actually a syringe, it doesn't matter to the person with the phobia, they're still going to be scared. It all matters to the person. The actual term is Trypanophobia, and it refers to all medical procedures involving needles.

@96 I did not know the difference because English is not my first my life ******?

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Yeah, really. No contest there.

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I agree 75. I'd do FFML_314! This way, I'll have someone intelligent to talk to afterwards.(:

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I'm cuter than u as well. U isn't very cute. Thank you guys! Q! You'll have to buy me a drink first. I'm not easy!

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To be fair, if we are basing this off of looks we are going to need some lingerie photos. if we are going off of the personalities we have witnessed in all the comments, my vote would be FFML. She may be crazier than hell, but there is just something incredibly hot about that. Sourgirl, if you and FFML hook up, all I can say is.... pics or it didn't happen.

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Babe, drinks will be on the house for you! Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina" coming right up!

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Bahahahaha! I'm laughing so hard at the 'crazier than hell' comment. I'm very glad you find my mental stability attractive. ;) Pendatik, you know I'm always willing to take you out. No pictures you pervs! See, I always end up in these dirty conversations. Bad Anna, BAD! You are all evil and trying to manipulate my innocence. This chastity belt is on tight. -Runs away laughing-

No, i think ErikaHart is hotter.. Just saying (Even tho she's from Vegas)...

I tell you what, both of you get naked take new profile pics and then we can decide! XD

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Don't worry. I think I'll live. Besides, she's full of herself in an obsessing way, which is incredibly unattractive. She can be the hottest girl in the world, but she's never going to be better than me.

loving it 94, for the record you were hotter anyway. other girl looks like a 40 yo women.

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I'd vote for Anna just because she isn't making the skanky-ass duckface ******* retarded look. I don't even have to take anything else into account.

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks, lick on these... Wait. Y'all know Anna's a proper lady, right? MY lady as a matter of fact, bitches. Bitches can't hang with the streets.

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Oh wow. Which part? The "bitch" the "I'm cuter than u" the "she's a narcissist" What is mean?

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And her picture has a more artistic and creative approach than (one of the many) tweenage Myspace poses.

8 is actually hotter in her 'new' profile pic.

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8 changes her profile pic every time someone tells her she's unattractive. It happens very frequently.

YDI for looking like an asshole in public. You shoot up heroine in the privacy of your own home to get over your phobia, not become a story around the water cooler.

why would you go to a public thing to face your fear of needles? like seriously. just get blood work done.

The phobia is not OP's fault, the cure is. This is NOT an effective way to get over a phobia, she really need professional(!) help.

FFML_314 11

I would have made your crying ass leave too!

TahoeFMler 22

Exactly! Did she expect them to ask her to donate anyway and continue to be a pain in the ass?

I hate needles but when I donate blood I don't feel anything!!! fyl

Just put some music on and tune it out. I hate needles too.. but when push comes to shove I can at least look away and think of something else.

I'm like that too I'm not afraid of needles but I have really bad veins so it really hurts whenever I need an iv access. last time I was in the hospital the nurse put the needle in but the vein rolled away so she was rooting around trying to find it and it it really hurt so I started freaking out and she told me to look away but I need to see it or it's worse. so I just pushed her away and took the needle out myself and had someone else get it on the first try on the other arm.