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  bamagrl410  |  31

17 and 23 pretty much explain all that needs to be said. YDI

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

32- Agreed.

But I came in wondering if OP would rather he pimp-slap her for mouthing off..

OP- change attitudes or change boyfriends. Changing your boyfriend is a bitch move.


It's not as if she called him a pussy after getting hit by a car and crying. She just asked him to toughin up a bit, and if he starts crying after that he does, in fact, need it. It's not narrow minded, just realistic.

  gatorgirl7563  |  22

While I agree that gender stereotypes are horrible and restrictive, I think there is nothing wrong with wanting a Partner who is not a "Wussy" or "Cry Baby" or acts "Tougher". (all gender-neutral terms)

If OP isn't happy with who her bf truly is, she needs break up with him or at least stop shaming him. He sounds like he might have some issues that need to be worked out; maybe she can help him work through them, if she truly cares about him.

  KrazyKatz3  |  26

My boyfriend cries at a lot of things. I love it. I think it's awesome he's able to express himself and that he's comfortable around me. The reason males commit suicide more is because people don't like them to talk about their feelings and that sucks.

  bamagrl410  |  31

Ahh, Mean Girls. Always the perfect reference. Haha

By  chelle_starlight  |  0

by any chance is this the same guy who posted on fml the other day saying that his girlfriend wanted to try dating women...and that this was not the first time he had encountered this?...concidence or Deja vu?

  desigirl2010  |  0

How is this Deja vu? That guy's girlfriend was leaving him for a girl, and it was the second time that'd happened to him. In this case, however, the young lady just wants her man to act tougher. In response to this request he cried. So. Yeah. That's a NO.

I love how i used 'that'd' up there. I haven't written it in so long that I'd forgotten of it's existence. Thank you FML.

By  akaashR  |  0

wow you just ripped up a collectable lol. you young find sensitive STRAIGHT guys anywhere lol. good luck with your next bf slamming your cornhole every minute lol