Weaponised chocolate

By Anonymous - 18/11/2010 04:46 - Australia

Today, I was doing photography, and decided to climb onto the roof of a building to photograph the city. I dropped a square of chocolate over the edge just to appreciate the height. Apparently, somebody saw me. I was arrested and am now being charged for trespassing and firing missiles. FML
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...wtf? Seriously, darling...trespassing I understand. But firing missiles? What?

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throwing a square of chocolate off a building lol maybe a red squirrel can eat some when it's low on health


...wtf? Seriously, darling...trespassing I understand. But firing missiles? What?

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New chocolate missiles. They track their targets based on their BMI reading. lol

agreed. firing missiles? maybe just damage to property ?? :-/

OP could have requested the authorities to verify if the chocolate or not, YDI for not voicing out..

Tizzy, Tasmania doesn't hace kangaroos. Not as much as the mainland Australia. Learn your facts befor making a ******* retarded joke like that. It's not even a joke, more of an insult.

Are you a moron 49?? We have kangaroos in Tasmania you dumb ass.

to clear it up, a missile is an object projected through the air by either throwing, dropping, hurling, or firing. and the law is the law, think about the damage it could do to a pedestrian or property below. laws are in place and enforced for everyones safety and people seem to get upset about that. and before someone flames up and says it's just chocolate, it's an object... you have to draw a line.

#49 - 1) You're wrong, and 2) calm down...

meh it looks cool on your criminal record. I should know I have the same charge for throwing eggs lol. I actually included it on my resume, needless to say the boss was quite impressed

you know wats also funny Is that a penny dropped from a skyscraper won't kill anybody n chocolate I highly doubt would bust some poor guys head open like an egg

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It's just chocolate. It's a moronic law. If he had dropped a rock, or a melon, we'd be having a different conversation.

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It's a stereotypical joke tarrrrrrrddddd.

hahah you could be like "im trying to conduct newtons law of gravity by using chocolate!"

I feel this is fake... I'm sure the news media wouldve wanted to make this sound like a terrorist attack if it were true...

haha 49 he's an idiot for assuming there are kangaroos in AUSTRALIA? Nice. I think you should click that auto- complete button. Your spelling kinda sucks.

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#1a missile is pretty much another term for a projectile can be thrown or launched from something. if that helps at all

lol my comment got moderated and I didn't use a single dirty word :p

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really? because rain is dropped from even higher... wind resistance would make a small chocolate not hurt. this was a stupid arrest.

I don't get all the hubbub about missles I launch shoot a spud gun in my front yard with aluminum darts with nails in them into trees I think chocolate is the least of the cops worries

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that really sucks, ask permission next time. and don't eat cocoa xD

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You did not have to be so extravagant about throwing it. You could have subtly dropped it.

im sure if it landed on a hobo he would have appreciated it.

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your moment of timeless pleasure failed op...

If it was a business theres a liability issue. If he fell off the roof they could be sued (stupid but true).

can they sue in Ozzie? hmm, didnt think they could lol, shows how much i know =P

31-Why would PETA care? they're animal rights activists. I don't see the connection between animals and dropping chocolate.

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throwing a square of chocolate off a building lol maybe a red squirrel can eat some when it's low on health

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oh my that was my FAVORITE n64 game ever. thanks for reminding me. think i'm gonna go play that now :D

ad Tasmania has a city worth photographing? :-o

As boring as it is here it's really beautiful. On another note, awesome. I haven't seen anything submitted from Tassie yet.

I am so excited for Tassie. And I agree, it is a very pretty city.