By Anonymous - Australia

Weaponised chocolate

Today, I was doing photography, and decided to climb onto the roof of a building to photograph the city. I dropped a square of chocolate over the edge just to appreciate the height. Apparently, somebody saw me. I was arrested and am now being charged for trespassing and firing missiles. FML
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  Sadochan  |  0

Tizzy, Tasmania doesn't hace kangaroos. Not as much as the mainland Australia. Learn your facts befor making a fucking retarded joke like that. It's not even a joke, more of an insult.

  ChubEchaser  |  0

to clear it up, a missile is an object projected through the air by either throwing, dropping, hurling, or firing. and the law is the law, think about the damage it could do to a pedestrian or property below. laws are in place and enforced for everyones safety and people seem to get upset about that. and before someone flames up and says it's just chocolate, it's an object... you have to draw a line.


meh it looks cool on your criminal record. I should know I have the same charge for throwing eggs lol. I actually included it on my resume, needless to say the boss was quite impressed

  xMegan  |  0

haha 49 he's an idiot for assuming there are kangaroos in AUSTRALIA? Nice. I think you should click that auto- complete button. Your spelling kinda sucks.

  Tankkiller308  |  16

I don't get all the hubbub about missles I launch shoot a spud gun in my front yard with aluminum darts with nails in them into trees I think chocolate is the least of the cops worries