By S. Tucker - 07/06/2011 09:28 - United States

Today, I learned how unhappy my husband is in our marriage. Apparently he also can't find a good woman. We didn't have a heart-to-heart, I read his woes in a blog. FML
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perdix 29

Maybe if you two would get off your computers and **** more, you'd both be happier.

sassypants93 17

Thanks, I fry :)


He blogged about his wife

maybe you should start a blog with nudie pictures!!! wheeee

he's just trying to make some money by making shut up

A7X_LoVeee 10


its his fault I am looking for a man, someone email me (profile is where my email is)

A married man blogging. That's something new

sassypants93 17

Well you should help him find a food woman then!

sassypants93 17


sassypants93 17

Thanks, I fry :)

I love a woman I can nom on.

I fry french fries.

jadee000 0


fatalkiss 0

Ouch. Obvi, there isn't enough communication

otb113 7

or enough fornication

fornication is sex before does that apply here?

thekrammer 5

blogs shouldn't exist, because no one cares! and sorry OP

well he just shouldnt be blogging about his personal life, and talk to his wife...

9, ummm... right...

lulututu 4

yet your on fml which is kind of the same. okay

so... is OP gonna help him find a good woman? a good wife would anyway...

a good wife would make me a sammich! JK* don't kill me mods/commentators

nothing compares to barney's blog...

perdix 29

Maybe if you two would get off your computers and **** more, you'd both be happier.

hahaha you're right :P

That sounds like the solution to most of the worlds problems.

laczko86 0

ha ha thats what i was thinking!!

Sooooo similar to my tale of woe, upshot was he divorced me, went to his HS reunion and ended up hooking up with AND MARRYING his HS sweetheart. I guess our 25 years together was an aberration. Oh well. Sorry for your loss.

MizzErikaHart 8

aint that a bitch... sorry about that. sounds like u gotta real FYL. 

You're 13 and divorced?

magnetic_aura 26

Yeah, wait, what? You lied in your profile or in your comment... Either way, very weird...