By JBK06262009 - 12/11/2009 21:40 - United States

Today, I was informed by my boss that he has been stealing quarters out of my change bowl to pay for his bus rides. He makes six times the amount I make. FML
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Talk to to corporate...LIKE A BOSS! Approve memos...LIKE A BOSS! Steal quarters...LIKE A BOSS! Chop my balls off...LIKE A BOSS!

perdix 29

That's why he's the BAWS. But, no really, your boss takes the bus, and he makes 6 times what you make? Are you a volunteer? Do you work for a hobo?


everyone needs some change :)

A quarter a day? What is that, 10$ a month? Big deal.

riku3220 2

Quarters. Not a quarter a day. And to pay a bus fare that be about $1.50 depending on where they live.

i agree with number 25.

Yarrachel 16

Anybody have any change? I just need some money for the bus! Change? Change? Change? Change...


Yes he would... four quarters....

morningwoody 0

#22 nice to the homeless..........Californahnah super cool to the homeless

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haha south park !

Sun_Kissed18 25

Cheap ass boss you have there

Easy Duh! Only have dollars then!! LOL!!!!!!

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Time to take a couple rolls of quarters and shove them up his ass!!!

5st! niggarrr

perdix 29

That's why he's the BAWS. But, no really, your boss takes the bus, and he makes 6 times what you make? Are you a volunteer? Do you work for a hobo?

__no_one__ 0

Some people are conscious about the environment and prefer to use public transport over driving a car. Other people live in my city and want to hold on to sanity, which is nearly impossible driving a car here. Traffic is insane, but there are separate tracks for buses so you are better off taking the bus most of the time. Our CEO usually comes into work by bike though he does have a car and makes way more than I do. But yeah, he shouldn't steal. If he wasn't carrying change, he should have put it back.

greenltrn2003 0

yeah...typical environmentilist...stealing change to change the world but its all for the better [/sarcasm]

perdix 29

__no_one__, It makes perfect logical sense for someone to take the bus. Unfortunately, it damages the boss's image in the eyes of his employees. It makes him look weak, dependent and impotent. Not at all like a BAWS. I'm not saying that's right, it just is.

The OP deserves it for not being a cannibal.

You are a massive douche.

riku3220 2

Reverse Robin Hood? He steals from the poor to help the rich.

perdix 29

Dennis Moore. He steals from the poor and gives to the rich, Stupid bitch.

Yarrachel 16

Monty Python ftw

damn thats serious but I understand stand his sister makes three times more than me and yet she borrows money from me so often that she owes me over a grand :(

helloletsgo 0

wow stop giving her money

How dare you complain about him stealing your money? After all, if he doesn't have lowly employees to take money from, he may have to use his own money, thus not having enough to pay for that 10th vacation home and buy himself that 18th collectible car. Think about the rich people's needs, woman!

Cry me a river. Rich people get rich by taking advantage of opportunities. Poor people stay poor by not taking advantage of opportunities and by giving their money away. Poor people don't like to face this fact, because it would mean taking some personal responsibility for their situation. Instead the poor prefer to complain about how unfair life is to them, how unfair it is that some people are rich and they aren't. The great thing about America is that anyone CAN become wealthy, if they're willing to put out some effort. The sad truth is that few people are truly motivated to do what it takes to get there. The rest would rather believe that they are owed a comfortable life without having to work for it.

thethreestooges 0

Love the sarcasm, Luckster. =D

FC, As someone who was obviously born with a silver spoon stuck up his ass, you don't really have a right to comment on this. Get out of you bubble and take a look at the real world.

You're proving my point. You assume I was born rich and have no understanding of what life is like for the working poor. Which means you're probably one of those poor people who I'm referring to in my post. I've never seen a silver spoon in my life or had one up my ass. But I don't expect to be handed one either. My family was middle class and I've been working since I was 12. I was taught that I was owed nothing by anyone and that if I wanted something I could work for it. And I'm doing just fine. Some people believe that whining and crying about the situation they've put themselves in will convince others to donate to them. At best, people will pay the whiners just so they'll shut up.

What the hell are you talking about? The OP isn't sitting at home and taking in welfare checks, she's actually working and making money. The boss is working and making money too, but he's stealing her money. I don't know which America you're living in, but if your America considers stealing as an "opportunity" to get rich...oh wait it already has happened.

You're an idiot. Middle class IS well off. In fact, I never assumed you were raised in a mansion but some house in the suburbs with a white picked fence. Don't try to prove me wrong because you know you can't. I was born in to a poor family, and yeah i've been working my ass off since I was 14. It's really scary that there are so many people like you so ignorant to the world. Not everyone has the advantage of growing up like you did so why don't you stop pretending you're some rags to riches story. You didn't become well off by working at mcdonalds as a teenager, paying your way through college then working your way up from the bottom of some company, so don't act like it. You couldn't handle that.

I think you'll find it's incredibly difficult to become rich from nothing in America. Even in the UK, our gloriously left wing country, social mobility is relatively low. In your country, there is a great problem, perpetuated by snobs like you. A poor person does not have the same opportunities as a middle or upper class person. Think about early education; think about healthcare; think about universities and colleges. All three of these areas are important to leading an enjoyable life. In most of Western Europe, all of these are provided as much as is practically possible to everyone who can be given it. In America, to your credit, early education is provided for by the government (although its standard I am not sure of). Healthcare and university fees, however, are not. You say you have been working since the age of 12. But that work would all be for nothing if you ended up shelling out thousands for operations because your family can't afford insurance. It would all be for nothing if your family couldn't afford to send you to a decent college. You are a lucky person if you have been born into a situation where all of these things can be paid for privately. And the constant view of socialism is that luck should have NO place in the advantages we are given in life. Of course, it can not be fully eradicated: people will always be cleverer or stupider, stronger or weaker, taller or smaller. But this is no excuse to withold equality from those who deserve it as much as you. I, myself, have found myself to be incredibly lucky: born into a middle class family in a strong MEDC, going to a private school, being the smartest person in my year at said school, representing my city at maths and athletics. And do you know what? I deserve none of it. I am a lazy dick. On the other hand, I can think of thousands of enterprising, hard working children who were not as fortunate in the gene pool as I was. They will be provided for by the state, as our people recognise that everyone deserves the same life as everyone else. Unfortunately, in your country, thanks to people like you, there will be millions of children who will do all they can to escape the squalor they are born into, but will be witheld by your right wing politics. The Cold War continues to hurt people, as 3 generations of Americans were brought up with the ridiculous notion that Left=Evil. If you can escape your childhood indoctrination against liberalism, the world will be a better place.

I think you'll find that it is difficult but very plausible. I have to say I love guys like you who are worthless to society and humanity on a whole as you admit but you believe that this somehow gives you some authority to dictate to everyone else. My own family found it that way, and while University fees are not paid for by the state, though it does offer assistance, if you work harder and show greater prowess than your peers you get a scholarship. Our state classically has always had a degree of social mobility which is not true in European states beyond gaining on some basic levels due to income taxes and a few years ago corporate taxes which limit investment power and thus limit opportunity. The fact is while you are younger you generally are going to have your ability to move due to the chances of having medical costs being lower while otherwise in this more mobile stage you are than taxed for this. Classically our state has always been a place where someone without an education even could start their own successful business. Even today people do this, but because of taxing for those same programs that channel becomes much harder as well. In fact these systems force more and more one channel and less independence creating not the best scenario for evolution of strategy and theory. You have taken away the merits of hard work and defended those who don't like yourself. I have known many people who have risen through the ranks and in fact my entire family has come a very long way. It was more common years ago when less of these programs were implemented. Of course there is some merits to Social Darwinism as well.

"I have to say I love guys like you who are worthless to society and humanity on a whole as you admit but you believe that this somehow gives you some authority to dictate to everyone else." What? I don't think of myself as worthless to society. I fully intend to do as much as I can to further human knowledge in science and to help as many people as I can. I also do not plan to 'dictate' anything to anyone. I am merely excercising my right to an opinion. "You have taken away the merits of hard work and defended those who don't like yourself." Have I? I imagine that our views are fairly similar, but we have not gotten them across fully. I believe entirely that hard work is the most important thing in our society, and that, as I said, enterprising individuals should always be more deserving of what they have. Come on. Let's imagine a pair of identical twins who are separated at birth: both are incredibly hard working, and both are incredibly intelligent. But one is raised in a rich family, and the other in poverty. You can not deny that the former will do better in life. I do not wish to abolish the virtues of hard work: I wish the opposite, to make it far more effective in terms of raising quality of life than it is now. And scholarships? I won't pretend to know a lot about the matter, but in my knowledge, Harvard fees are extortionately expensive, and only one full scholarship is offered. This means a hard working but poor student with 170 IQ gets their place, while a hard working but poor student with 165 IQ will be left with a smaller scholarship, and may not be able to pay the remainder of the fees. Conversely, at Cambridge, fees are only just over £3000, so many full scholarships can be easily provided. If I'm wrong about this, just ignore it :P.

Talk to to corporate...LIKE A BOSS! Approve memos...LIKE A BOSS! Steal quarters...LIKE A BOSS! Chop my balls off...LIKE A BOSS!

Lonely Island?

Why would you have a "change bowl" that you leave out and to which your boss has access? I have a change jar... but it's at home. Maybe you should do the same with yours. If you leave something where someone can take it, someone probably will. Think about it... your boss didn't get to where he is by being nice and giving away his money. He got there by taking advantage of any opportunity that presented itself to him. You presented him and opportunity to take your change, so he did. I'm not saying he was right... I'm just saying you shouldn't be surprised.

Yeah... if your change bowl is easily accessible to others, you're just inviting them to make use of your change. If it's YOUR change bowl, put it in a locked drawer.

Yo guys, I was presented an opportunity to rob this guys house because his windows can be broken with a hammer! yeaaaa boiiii!!!


Glue all your quarters to the inside of the bowl and confuse him!


Is brilliant.