By toughbf - 27/09/2011 08:28 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend asked me to beat him up so he could look tough around his friends. When I just stared at him, he added, "Please don't break anything though. Nothing too serious." FML
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GrammarNaziFTW 0

New definition of masculinity - getting beat up by your girlfriend.

Seize the opportunity while u can


lovemysoldier3 2

What a douche!

Don't beat him up, OP. He might start crying.

cruxx 0

How exactly is a guys girlfriend going to make him look tough by beating him up?

OP's boyfriend: "Hey guys, I got in a fight." His friends: "DAMN! That dude fucked you up! What does he look like?" OP's boyfriend: "Actually, I didn't fight back. It was my girlfriend." Friends: "Hand over your Man Card, pussy."

I don't know about a douche but he sounds like an idiot. One with "issues" over his masculinity by the sounds of it. Presumably he would lie and say some guy beat him up. While he's at it, why not just lie & say he won! Saves on the pain...

He just wants some rough love. Don't judge him.

13FTW 9

Which one of you has the pussy in this relationship?

What a tool..

Dreamkiller51 5

Maybe he doesn't? O.o

ImOlivia 5

19, I love you!!! LOL!!

fakeaccountX 6

Break something anyway, just to teach him a lesson.

Bonngoo 34

how in the fuck would that make him a douche hahaha you dip ass

bigdaddi69 0

candy ass, lol. what can't go to a bar and pick a fight with a real man, still won't look tough to your friends.

doof234 0

might, or will?

Lol it's cause he's Canadian

ImOlivia 5

Might, they might all be too high to actually care about what he is saying.

DoNotEnter 5

What a pussy, getting his girlfriend to beat him up instead of a real fight. Or, nothing at all. Dumb.

OP is a guy...

...Why the fuck did I say that? Faberry. Achele. Both pairings are so goddamn precious.

Someone is fucking with me...

DoNotEnter 5

Did you kill him?

GrammarNaziFTW 0

New definition of masculinity - getting beat up by your girlfriend.


judices 0

I still don't understand how this will make you tough.

bizarre_ftw 21

The hipster of masculinity

Seems like a reasonable request to me

Your picture seems to explain why you find this reasonable.

Seize the opportunity while u can

lmngrl889 14


Ummm time for a new boyfriend!

KiddNYC1O 20

Yeah, that kind of comment is expected from a 13 year-old.

I would hit him... with a knife

Are you sure? Rather looks like you should still be using round-ended scissors.

sitog93 0

That's called stabbing

The commentor is 13... Explains her immature comment.

scottgeo 0

I would suggest ripping his nuts off but he obviously doesnt have any to begin with.