Kids these days…

By Anonymous - 13/04/2009 02:39 - United States

Today, my two year-old cousin was having a temper tantrum. I decided to give him a flashlight because playing with it usually distracts him. It didn't. Instead, he hit me in the face with it as hard as possible, leaving a bruise. FML
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um,kid hits you hard enough to leave a bruise = spanking.


You gave that brat a flashlight? You dipsh*t, YDI!

Grab the flashlight, shine it in his eyes then make a run for it

what could have possible gone though ur head to give that

talk to 'em to calm them down... or at least pop a video in or something.

#2: The kid is pissed off, why would you give him a freaking weapon? Seriously!

Awwww ow. How is it not an FML, the OP was really hurt and has a nasty bruise they have to wander around with and be questioned about

It's called a "temper tantrum" - there's a hint in the name...

This has to be one of the most boring ones. How these even pass? I could write 10 "FML"s like this from my life every friggin' day.

that sucks. #8 why dont you post one here? or are you talking blabla?!

Yeah, usually when I'm around a person in a fit of anger, I like to hand them blunt objects and expose my face. "There's no way anything could go wrong in this situation," I say.