By moneyman22 - United States

Little shit

Today, I was asked to take care of my 3 year-old little brother. After 15 minutes of him screaming and me trying to keep him entertained, he started throwing his toy cars at me. He hit me in the mouth, and I started to bleed. My parents yelled at me for "not controlling him." FML
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  Monikabug  |  9

Uh, yeah that sucks!

OP, you probably should have taken the toy cars away from your brother, the mini-Hulk, who somehow was able to bust your lip at the ripe age of 3.

He's a baby!
He doesn't know better, but you should know that if a tiny child is causing you physical pain with a toy, YOU TAKE IT AWAY and give him a stuffed animal!

Sorry OP but you definitely deserved this one.

  The__Redneck  |  7

--If he got yelled at for something as dumb as not controlling him, what do you think would happen if he snaked him?--
Same thing, but he'd feel a lot better about it after he smacked the little shit.

And don't be afraid to tell y our parents not to hold you responsible for their shitty parenting skills.

  Domonator  |  16

Agreed. Parenting skills are sadly lacking, here. OP, if your little brother heard them yelling at you, there is no hope unless you make him afraid of you (safely, of course).

  monnanon  |  13

haha my dad used to say the same thing. I used to get the blame for being hit with toys that i had been told to give to my brother. "You should have given him the toy, then he wouldnt have hit you with it."
Hmm im pretty sure the only reason he was able to hit me with said toy is because i actually handed it to him after being screamed at and punched. Luckily hes a very nice little brother now :)

By  metrockick10  |  0

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