By BEE - 10/10/2009 22:35 - United States

Today, I am in a very long line at the supermarket, gazing about in complete boredom when I spot a lady cradling what appears to be a cute newborn baby. Being enamored of all babies, I get off the line, go over and say "Oh, what a cute little baby!" The lady was holding a coconut. FML
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How did you mistake a newborn child with a coconut? That's what I'd like to know. o_o


moonlight_daze 8

YDI for being an obvious liar. Obviously the baby wasn't cute if you couldn't see it. Furthermore, all maybes look the same, except for minor hair length differences and shades.


christa953 12

agree with 46...op is obviously seeking attention and wanting recognition and thank yous for saying a baby is cute. well too bad for being stupid and blind, op

528Alice491 3

Yeah, because if she were blind, that would be her fault too. Jackass.

How did you mistake a newborn child with a coconut? That's what I'd like to know. o_o

Maybe she was black. In any case, YDI for being a retard.

crackberrie 0

haha yea i was wondering how this mistake was made... in any case, this really isn't an FML.. an FML would've been if the lady was holding a baby and you said "aww what a nice coconut"

Don't have a child and a coconut tree, okay? :c Don't "mistakenly" crack the wrong one open. If it helps, one's heavier than the other, and has a harder shell.

OhhxGoshhxAri 0

Hahahahahah, I just cracked up. Haha, no pun, but that just really made me laugh for some reason.

You, ma'am, are a coco-nut! I'm going to go cry now.

HAHAHAHA This gave me a good laugh!!! Classic!

I disagree with the OP. Coconuts are not cute babies.

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