By fatgirl - 16/05/2010 04:08 - United States

Today, I was eating pizza with my boyfriend and my friends. I was laughing and talking and went for another piece when my boyfriend grabbed my wrist and said that I had had enough. My friends all backed him up. FML
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And you didn't break his hand? If my BF ever pulled some shit like that, he'd be sporting a cast. Not cool, especially in front of friends.

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Well how many slices did you freakin eat prior to that?


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what so you've never had pizza?

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hahhahahahahahaha unlucky :P

FYL! It doesn't matter how much she ate, that was plain rude, you don't do that to someone you love and you don't treat them like a child. If you do have a problem, face it, but tell your guy that's just not ok! Btw, last time the mods were pretty quick to erase my innocent comment, where are they now?

and your life is now ****** how!? fafp

I didn't know you were dating your father. He has no authority over you, dump his ass.

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lol that happened to me but it's usually my parents that know I can eat a LOT and then regret it so they try to stop me. haha OP, i bet it didn't stop you though because it never stops me from bingeing :) food is yummi! haha.

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What a douchebag. Dump him then take another piece and leave.

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77 is correct and if you don't have the damn will power to put down the food, I'LL DO IT 4 YOU

maybe she was bogarting the 'za and nobody else was getting their share.

if she was eating more than her share and everybody else was getting less because of her, then they were right to tell her to stop.

I dunno what happened with #91, FML posted the comment before I was finished typing it. stupid itouch app. UGH stupid anti-flood!!!

OP if you're a fat chick but have a pretty face i'd still makea the bang boom with you. i dont really dig fat chicks but they arent so bad. i've gotten sexual with like 3 in my short life... made out and fooled around with 1, greeeaaat kisser. oral with another, gave great head. then went balls deep in this one in my old town, amaaaazing ****... oh **** i've only been with fat chicks :O FML

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97 Eric you'll have to buy her her own pizza first before she let's you hit that. ; )

ive been with some big girls. but they didnt have any cellulite or rolls. they were thick. one way to find girls like this, look for the short shorts or mini skirts or bikinis at the pool. i love girls who show off thier sexy bodys , chubby or not.

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Damn, that really sucks, OP! Your boyfriend, and your friends, are assholes.

something like this has actually happened to me once, except I bought the pizza and before I even got a peice this realy over weight kid had grabbed about half the pizza..

I agree; it sounds like she was scarfing down more than her fair share. I can easily see this happening if she's got a rep for paying for less than she eats, or if she did the same with appetizers too. Food and weight issues are so taboo nowadays; people can't discuss problems like this without risking their friendships, and that's just stupid. The friends and bf have probably been dealing with it for awhile and are just sick and tired of it. Or maybe the talking, laughing and eating were happening simultaneously, and OP was grossing everyone out.

u can binge as long as u purge.. right 21

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113. that sounds like bulimia to me...

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YDI. It's probably not because you're fat, but because you were actually eating too much pizza. For example, there there are 12 slices and 4 people then each person gets 3 slices. OP was being a fatass and was probably reaching for her 5th slice.

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"Stop, this is an intervention. You've had to much."

#1, how do you know op's a fat ass? she could just be greedy...

Maybe because her name says "fatgirl." DERRRH.

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Maybe you're a pizza ***** and devoured more than your fair share, OP. I'm thinking you're a greedy hambeast that needs sympathy to validate you're "I'm not fat, everyone's against me" fantas- er... 'theory'. YDI.

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All people who defend OP, is probably a Fatass :)

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say a person with FRIED CHICKEN as a username

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Well how many slices did you freakin eat prior to that?

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that's my question. and if you look like jabba the hut then maybe you should lay off.

And when you order a pizza - say it was a large, you look at approximately the number of people there compared to the number of slices. If there were 15 slices, 12 people and you were about to eat your third slice for example, it's a complete YDI. Pizza hog.

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my uncle told me pizza the hut makes you look like jabba the hut ? is that true? is that how he got that big. he told me to watch SPACEBLLS if i didnt believe him.

tell the douche bag his dick isn't getting any action for a comment like that...**** if you're hungry eat and makensure you exercise. don't let prissy punk ass bitches force u to stop eating....(I did this shit and lost some massive lbs...and no I was never a whale or a fat ass, I don't even know wheeree my weight goes...ohhhh rightttt, the DD's and round booty).....

#10 I know what you mean I'm 5'6" with 38 DDDs and i now weigh 130 lbs (about 59 kilos) but i used to weigh a lot more. I was forced into starving myself -.- At least I eat sensibly now but still i lost a lot from not eating and it was so unhealthy i always felt like crap

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i agree with organizedchaos... and y must you girls talk about starving yourselves like your proud of it? not cool

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shit this comment went in the wrong spot :/ again

And you didn't break his hand? If my BF ever pulled some shit like that, he'd be sporting a cast. Not cool, especially in front of friends.

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Dude, seriously. It doesn't matter how much was eaten beforehand, or how fat she is. Unless OP specified "Stop me if I eat to much" for help with a diet or something, which obviously she hadn't, no boyfriend should treat their girlfriend like that. Especially if he still expects sex.

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Unfortunately, you don't know that. In order to make it really sound like an FML, do you really think she'd admit to having asked for this very thing, not thinking they'd do it? Sounds to me that she'd been bitching about being fat - and her b/f and friends got tired of it, so they'll help her lose weight.

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my boyfriend weights 130lbs and will eat like 5 pieces and still not be completely full. so no, 3 pieces is not necessarily enough. it depends on a variety of things.

Three slices of pizza is not a lot. I'm barely 100lb, and I can go through half a pizza on my own on a bad day. On a good day, I can easily eat a whole. It's called being hungry, not being fat, or 'piggy", dumbass.

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I barely way 70 kg and I always eat a pizza whole.

that's tight I would have dumped his ass infront of everyone to embarress him back then taken the pizza and squashed it in that mofos face

Could it be that you just ate more than your fair share of the pizza (or tried to) and it had nothing to do with your weight?

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Her unsername is fatgirl, so I'm thinking so knows she is overweight and admits it. That still didn't give the boyfriend a right to do that