By Anonymous - / Saturday 13 February 2010 05:48 / United States
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  BigLostBear  |  0

you could be right #1 but he could also know that lady so yea it could go either way, if he doesn't know the lady then he's the phsyco for thinking a random person would name there kid after them.

  comatoast  |  0

FYL for thinking that you're so important that any and everything has to do with you. Maybe the "stalker" and the baby's father chose that name because they liked it, not because it is the name of the supposed center of the universe.

  cindy11052  |  0

I have two complaints about this FML.

1) the OP's cockiness. 
     - How are you absolutely positive that you influenced the name of the baby? Coincidences happen!

2) Why exactly is this something to bitch about?
     - If the OP did receive confirmation that he or she was indeed the person who influenced the name of the baby, shouldn't he or she be flattered? Just because she named her baby after you does not mean she stalks you/ or is infatuated with you. It could be that she likes your name. I know a lot of people that I don't necessary talk too much, but I love their names and I would name my baby that name. Also, how could that girl STALK you AND get a baby. I mean, if she supposedly stalks you, then how would she find the time to get pregnant? She's obviously is involved if not infatuated with another person to 1) get pregnant 2) keep it.  

Note that this post is filed under love, another piece to add to the puzzle.

  brii1255  |  0

Some people just scare me with their comments . For the sake of this FML i would think that the lady used to stalk him, had a baby with some other douche,and named the baby after him. how the fuck is he having any cockiness? i disagree with most of you .

  cindy11052  |  0


Nice run-on sentence. Please implement some commas to clarify it, so people can take you more easily.

"Day by day, trying to improve people's grammar..."

  cindy11052  |  0


The word themself in plural form is spelled themselves. I also am amazed at how you could mispell such a commonly used word, like want. It is spelled exactly as you spelled it, but it does not have the letter h following the first letter, w.

Of course, if your native language is not English, I do not think I should be berating you.

"Day by day, Grammar improves!"

  The_Corrupter  |  0

Actually, themself is not even a word. Themselves wouldn't work either though because the OP is one person. Himself is the only correct word to use. (just saying)

  IDOLGIRL  |  0

maybe stalker chick TOLD the op that she named the kid after him--so many people rush to the assumption that the op is cocky or full of himself. try to think of ALL possible scenarios

  cindy11052  |  0

I try my best in every venture to improve one's venture. I do not try to make it entertaining. In one's perspective it may look horribly boring, but for me it is great to make the world's grammar better.

  GameDub  |  0

does it really take an in-depth analysis for every FML submitted that one may think is not the case or a coincidence? I could've swore this sight is just for shits

  cindy11052  |  0


No need to apologize at all. I just wished to voice my opinion to everyone. Props for trying, though! I love analyzing everything. I know my comments are horribly boring, but I prefer being aloof rather than attempt to be witty and fail.

  TrekkieGirl  |  0

Honestly, once I read "Today, I was shopping at Walmart", I'd pretty much decided that whatever it was, you deserved it. LOL....that is just how much I loathe Evil-Mart.

By  Sindyy  |  0

Did she tell you "Hello, this is my child *insert name here*. I named him after you", because if she didn't, she might have just liked your name.

  st0815  |  9

I think we need to assume that she really is stalking him, we have no other information available but the text of the FML. Now if she was stalking him, and he meets her and she introduces her baby - coincidentally sharing his name - then I think he is entitled to feel weirded out. Even if she doesn't explicitly state that she named the baby after him.

  mlipro  |  0

I agree, she obviously isn't a stalker if she's married to another person, and likes the other person enough to have a baby with them.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Where does it say she's married? I know readers usually have to make assumptions due to the brevity if the posts but there are a lot of conclusion jumps in these comments.

My own leap: She could have had a major crush in the past and moved on with her life but still have liked him (or his name) enough to name the kid the same thing. However you interpret it, unless she's pressing OP for child support, there is no FML.

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