By Anonymous - 14/11/2018 14:00

Today, the lady in front of me in the checkout line had a pacifier hanging around her neck, but I didn't think much of it until it was time for her to pay. She reacted to the $250 total by crying like a baby and very loudly asking me to put the pacifier in her mouth to calm her down. FML
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It's only an FML because you will soon be able to watch yourself in the prank video soon to be released.


In the split second I first saw your pic I thought that was a pacifier and was like, "**** crazy pacifier lady made an account and responded"

It's only an FML because you will soon be able to watch yourself in the prank video soon to be released.

Zekfen 17

She could have some kind of disability where spending that kind of money is over stimulating and the pacifier acts as a stimming tool. That or she formed a dependency on them in high school and never got away from it. I never understood why, but girls in my high school 25 years ago would wear pacifiers on necklaces as a fashion statement and suck on them during class all the time. It was weird.

Those girls probably went to raves on the weekends

bobsanction 18

If she wants to suck on a pacifier, that's her business. Asking a stranger to put it in her mouth for her is just messed up.

Oh I remember that short trend back in the 80s.

2 reasons people did this in the 90s and early 2000s. 1) they did a lot of uppers and went to races 2)they had no idea why their classmates were doing it and copied to be cool but yes it was the rave kid style. when you do uppers you tend to clench your jaw badly.

I don't know if she was trolling for pranks like they do on YouTube, or she must have some type of disability...

Put the pacifier in her mouth and put her over your shoulder and try to burp her. It’s probably gas.

Large purchases must make her request a diaper change. You got off easy!

I dunno, as a single guy, if she was cute I might have done just that. Heck, that is most definitely an invitation to her kink.

I'm willing to bet it was only an FML because she was ugly.