By Anonymous - 11/11/2014 23:48 - France

Today, while shopping, a lady came up to me and asked if she could borrow my baby because, "Y'know, I'm in a hurry and they'll let me checkout first." FML
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I'd heard of pretending to be pregnant to get a seat on the bus but this is new to me

Sounds like kidnapping to another level


I'd heard of pretending to be pregnant to get a seat on the bus but this is new to me

Think of the possibilities! Pretty soon, rent-a-baby's will cover the country

Impatient people grind my gears. FYL op.

Tell her you rented the baby from the lady at the checkout counter. Then watch her being banned from the store or worse

Peter Griffin?

How will that let one cut in line..?

The only way I can think of it helping is if it crapped itself and is stinking the place up

Steven696 6

That sounds completely reasonable to me

Sounds like kidnapping to another level

What a bizarre woman. I hope you just stared at her blankly she scuffled away awkwardly.

scuffled is such a strange word :). its like a cross between shuffled and scuttled. off topic i know but your word choice amused me.

I thought a scuffle was like a fight

Tell her she's a moron and to wait in line like everyone else.

xtm059 11

Nobody else could possibly have anything to do except her. That's a baby-boomer level of entitlement.

From now on I will never yield to mothers with babies in line! I can't believe I've been fooled this whole time...

Durantye 8

The only people I let infront of me are the elderly and disabled (cane ect.) sorry moms I know you got shit to do but not willing to allow u in front unless you got like 3 items and I got a full buggy.

I never expect to cut in line when I have my kids with me (7 month old and 2 year old). The only time someone let me go ahead of them was when I was buying medicine for my baby and he was screaming his head off. I think everyone was relieved when I left the store.

TallMist 32

There are actually disabilities you can't see that makes it hard for people to stay on their feet for too long. (I have a fused hip, so if I'm up for more than a few minutes, my feet start to ache.) However, even if disabled, unless it's an emergency or they have less items, I wouldn't agree to cutting in line at all.

Indianboy9321 25

Tell her if you could wait for 9 months, she can wait 5-10 minutes...

you said no right?? o.o