By Anonymous - 17/04/2016 11:52 - United States - Walbridge

Today, my mom finally noticed the joke file I have on my PC desktop called "bigcocklovespussy.jpg". It's just a cute picture of a chicken snuggling with a cat. She didn't actually open the file and just deleted it. She won't believe my explanation and grounded me for a month for "looking at porn". FML
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Porn creates unrealistic expectations in young people. Such as how fast the plumber or delivery guy will get to your door.


Maybe she cleaned it out of the recycle bin

You can download a thing that can restore things you've already deleted from your recycle bin (sorry i forgot the name atm)

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She'll probably just claim he downloaded another picture and named it the same thing.

44, the first "thing" you are referring to is a computer application. The second "thing" you are referring to are data files. You see, there is a table on the hard drive that stores the location of each and every data file on your hard drive (not exactly, but let's pretend it does). When a data file is deleted and removed from the recycling bin, merely the table location is removed; the file remains on the hard drive, but in a rewritable state. If you were to catch it before the data is overwritten, you can recover the file. This goes for word documents that are lost due to accidental deletion, or lost from a power outage. A simple search for "recover deleted files" will show you plenty of applications that will solve your issues.

I love how parents like to just be like DONT WATCH PORN!!!!!!! Rather than educating their children about how **** is unrealistic, i mean grounding a kid wont stop them watching **** again

Grounding a child for having **** and not educating the child, is like Punishing a child for having ANY sexual thoughts / feelings / actions , and then not educating their children. And we all know how effective that is. "How can I be pregnant? I didn't have sex. I just played doctor ..."

Anyone here order a pizza? *queue music*

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When it comes to joke files like that, I always keep at least 5 copies in case that happens. Better safe than sorry

Man I will never truly understand what people have against ****.

there are some studies that indicate that early exposure to pornography can lead to sexual dysfunction. Whether these studies are unbiased or not I have zero clue. As long as everyone in the video is of age and consenting with out being coerced it's fine. There are some companies that are abusive to their actors however. So some people have problems with it from an ethical point of view.

I know what studies you're talking about, although it's usually not the age at which people view them. Although too young probably is not such a good thing. The studies are done on people who watch **** regularly, and when I say regularly, I mean usually like multiple times a day so it's almost an addiction. These studies show these people start to have sexual dysfunction because of it, and eventually can only perform with ****, not with normal sex, some get so bad they just can't perform at all eventually. I agree with everything else you said, **** is fine if used conservatively, and as long as it isn't abusive and manipulative.

There are other studies that indicate that if **** is someone's first exposure to sex it can cause some of the same issues. Personally I'm not really a fan of most of it. I can understand why a parent wouldn't want a young child watching it. But if your child has internet access in the privacy of their room and you've never installed parental controls you can't be too upset.

Porn creates unrealistic expectations in young people. Such as how fast the plumber or delivery guy will get to your door.

#5 Inaccurate, unrealistic depictions of sex, fake reactions, zero story, same round of positions every time, including some that look good but in real life actually make it difficult for a woman to ****** and things that should never be done in real life (like anal then oral). No imagination. Boring. If kids see it too young it ***** up their ideas of sex. If people watch it too much it can mess up relationships because it creates expectations in your sex life that people should always be gagging for sex, which isn't how life works. And a lot of the industry is exploitative (not all, but still). I'm not saying people shouldn't watch it, but there are a shit ton of reasons why people are against it or don't like watching it.

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You can always bypass parental controls on Windows via command prompt, pretty easy as well, just takes time, patience, a web browser, etc.

Now imagine just how much more confusing this whole situation could be if you were a furry, OP.

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Hopefully your mom isn't computer literate enough to know how to remove things from your recycle bin. Restore it and show her. Hopefully she believes you when she sees it...Though...maybe don't name your files like that in the future.

Cock and pussy? Well everyone knows they're just other words for a cockerel and a cat! Your mum has a filthy mind...

She would've grounded you anyway had she clicked on it for having a poor sense of humor.

Why was your Mom checking your computer?

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Why did you expect your mother to open the file if the intention was to make her think it was ****?

I am pretty sure op did not intend mom to open it but for friends and such.

It happens! I love video's of unlikely animal pairs.

That is glorious. Both the name of the file and your mother's reaction XD XD XD