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  Screwie  |  25

I wonder if it was the same subjects attempting to kidnap OP or not, kidnap cases can get very complicated.

Or maybe OP is just very unlucky/risky, we'll never know.

  gntfmlingnow  |  12

On the bright side, it was an almost! ^_^

What exactly possesses people to kidnap you, though? Because if you're just meeting up with like fifty million random strangers from the Internet a week, that's bound to happen...

But if there's some other cause, fuck your life

  RealReasons  |  0

The best I can say is at least OP didn't get kidnapped. When someone gets near me, I run away yelling RAAAPEE!

Maybe the assailant was Professor Oak, maybe he wanted to know of OP was a boy or a girl because I'm stumped.

  Calyx_fml  |  21

Why do people assume the kidnappers are interested in sex? Maybe OP is some fat boy with very wealthy parents. Maybe it's the wife of a Mexican drug lord. Maybe they are in a fraternity and get pranked like that. Who knows?

  Megan98  |  18

Or you can just sing the rape song. Which goes like this....
Hey! Don't touch me there, this is my private square. R-A-P-E, Get that thing away from me! Go rape someone else, go rape someone else! :)

  SlyTail  |  5

I had a friend that was forced by her parents to keep a 'rape alarm' on her keys. When you'd press the button, it would let out a piercing alarm. My friends would always follow her and press the button. Atleast we always knew where she was in the school..

  shayshayshazam  |  14

OP probably already has. Seems like the type of person to make mountains out of molehills.
Example: OP drops keys.
Stranger picks them up to give to her.
OP: "Thief! Thief! This man is trying to steal my car!"

And my reasoning for thinking this?
Who gets *almost* kidnapped.... Twice...?

  Doxy  |  22

We all have secret talents. Op is a kidnaper magnet.
I know it's like he/she went "Oh God not again. This is quite bothersome, I wish they didn't kidnap me on such daily basis, it's quite tiring."

  onlychildFTW  |  33

My mom gave me a whistle when I was 14. Seemed kind of pointless. I never carried it around and I'm fortunate enough to not have needed it. But OP should invest in a very big one.

  Cartera  |  10

I loved that Tosh.O where the guy in the van asks a kid for help in finding his dog. Then when he gets in he's like, "Are you f*ckig retarded? I just kidnapped you, you idiot!" Or something on those lines.

  IIFenix  |  3

I don't think u can call op hot...maybe the reason why it's "almost" is because they get op in the van then they see op's face and yell "SWEET BABY JESUS THROW THAT FUCKER BACK!!!!!!!"


118- actually no. People who look unsure of themselves or are distracted are. Attractiveness has little to do with it. It probably lowers your odds if anything because you look confident and confident people are more likely to fight back