By stubby - 20/01/2018 01:30

Today, my girlfriend asked if I could somehow get uncircumcised so I could add an inch to my length. FML
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What boss do you have to fight to get to that level of stupid?

Tell her as soon as she gets her virginity back you will consider it.


Just as much of a chance of them giving her a brain to replace the air between her ears!

You could start crashing brises, steal the discarded foreskins, and graft them on to your penis. You’re going to have to go to a lot. I hope you like chopper liver!

That sounds like a horror porno right there, "Frankenpenis."

Probably more comedy **** than horror ****. You’d have a man’s penis sheathed with the foreskins of a dozen babies. There would probably be a close up of the penis yelling, “Let me through!” and the babies crying, pooping, giggling, etc.

They already made Frankenpenis. It starred John Bobbit, a guy who abused his wife until she got off his penis and went to jail over it. They were able to surgically reattach it, and he starred in a ****.

Sorry. I meant to say she cut off his penis. If she'd merely gotten it off, probably nobody would have been upset.

Actually, Frankenpenis was recently in the news and actually caused a fine senator to lose his job!

What boss do you have to fight to get to that level of stupid?

ffc Squall 14

The level 9001 Derpenfang. It has a rare drop that reduces the user's intelligence. I think she must have done some serious grinding to get that stupid.

Donut_Wizard 23

Someone get me a slice of baloney, a staple gun, some crazy glue, and some ice cream!

Add an inch?! My god, does she really think they lob off an inch?

not to mention it doesn't take away any length that all!! the skin is taken away from around the head of the penis NOT the tip!! I may not like this word, but this bitch is retarded!!!

Well.... you do have one option- ya know how when you’ve got a hard on, your Johnson points/curves up a bit? There’s a tendon at the top of the base of your dick attached to your pelvis. If you cut the tendon, you’ll gain a legit inch or two. Though, then when you get a hard on, your buddy will point straight down. You’ll see this most on male **** stars. So get to snipping, man!

mindfreak117 4

Quite an interesting fact there. i wonder how it affects pleasure and other factors

The fun part is seeing it point upwards on it's own though. Men, don't do this! :D

Tell her as soon as she gets her virginity back you will consider it.

PenguinPal3017 19

And hopefully that will subtract an inch of the depth of her ******.

Be careful what you wish. With the wonders of today's surgery and medieval Middle-Eastern thinking, she can have her virginity sewn back.

This is really not the same at all.

U shud totes make her a e/gf for that toxic behaviour.