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  enxhi96  |  21

If I had a gun and someone carjacked me, fuck yea I would shoot them. (Not saying I would wanna kill them tho) They have it coming and I don't see how a thief deserves empathy... do stupid things, deal with the consequences tbh.

  MissPanda85  |  5

They didn't say the weapon they carried was a gun. Plus, just having a gun or other weapon would deter most people, without having to actually pull the trigger.

  Vanderdale  |  14

Statistically speaking you're more likely to get the gun taken off you and shot with it then you managing to get a shot off at the carjacker. You're safer not having one, funnily enough. Sucks, but a car isn't worth your life. Unfortunately this guy got the double whammy; theft and injury,

  TheLawtman  |  3

This is why Americans scare me. Your obsession with guns and violence. Is a car worth the possibility of getting killed over if the carjacker has a gun or another weapon.

  Garrett2818  |  21

And this is why the rest of the world scares me. You're willingness to just roll over and let criminals have their way, instead of giving them what they have coming.

  species4872  |  19

#7 That was very good, give yourself a 100 points and take the rest of the day off.