By anoymus - 31/05/2009 02:37 - United States

Today, I was driving to the local market with my son. We approached a vehicle that looked just like my fiancé's. My son peered out his window and said, "Mommy, daddy's getting kidnapped!" It seems he was being 'kidnapped' by his new girlfriend. FML
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ouch, i wouldn't pay the ransom if i were u

At least you caught him in the action. Makes it much easier to believe it.


i hope you slapped your son around for getting smart with you

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oh that f***en suxx!!! its a good thing you didnt marry him if he really was cheating on you

Statistically there was only about a 50% chance that would have worked out anyway. Apparently for you it was substantially less. Better luck next time.

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better than the oter 50 percent that end in death

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Hmm... Seems like he was working overtime.

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Yay! This is the first FML I've voted "yes" to that has been posted. Anyway, that really sucks. At least now you know your fiance is a dick and you can cancel the wedding. Still, that's a pretty shitty way to find out..