By anoymus - 31/05/2009 02:37 - United States

Today, I was driving to the local market with my son. We approached a vehicle that looked just like my fiancé's. My son peered out his window and said, "Mommy, daddy's getting kidnapped!" It seems he was being 'kidnapped' by his new girlfriend. FML
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ouch, i wouldn't pay the ransom if i were u

At least you caught him in the action. Makes it much easier to believe it.


i hope you slapped your son around for getting smart with you

..Well, that sucks.

oh that f***en suxx!!! its a good thing you didnt marry him if he really was cheating on you

Statistically there was only about a 50% chance that would have worked out anyway. Apparently for you it was substantially less. Better luck next time.

better than the oter 50 percent that end in death

Hmm... Seems like he was working overtime.

That sucks, I'm sorry. FYL!

Yay! This is the first FML I've voted "yes" to that has been posted. Anyway, that really sucks. At least now you know your fiance is a dick and you can cancel the wedding. Still, that's a pretty shitty way to find out..

ouch, i wouldn't pay the ransom if i were u