By zippersaremoreimportantthansentiments - / Saturday 1 February 2014 08:11 / United States - Montgomery
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By  hare  |  19

Shouldn't he be the one writing you a song lol


yeah this is true. I won my girlfriend with the song of my people.......we went to a firing range.

By  bellebe1998  |  16

Tell him to shut his trap.

  bellebe1998  |  16

As soon as I commented this I realized that...

  Shadowvoid  |  31

You had the opportunity to say the girlfriend should have told him to "Zip it" and you missed it! I wish i could have been here in time to say it in your place.

By  ilovemsminaj  |  13

That happened to a guy in my seventh grade class once. His fly was open during a presentation

  alphabetta  |  23

Oh crap I'm sorry #6, I accidentally upvoted your comment. Forgive me people? :(

  ilovemsminaj  |  13

#32 get a new joke man

By  XUDT72  |  22

Sounds like a present any guy would hate...

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