By romance sucks. - 18/12/2013 21:20 - United States - Spencer

Today, my class was interrupted by flowers, balloons and chocolates. Then he sang to me a song he wrote himself. This was all for our one-year anniversary. It probably would have been the best day of my life... if I knew who he was. FML
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Did he ask you to take a picture with him to show to his friends?

Well, find out and date him?


Well, find out and date him?

He's the Romance Ninja!! You don't find him, he finds you!

Did he smell the seat you sat on in the gym earlier?

Or stay very far away.

deathstroke990 22

Sounds like a keeper!

Or perhaps... creeper?

\ 28

I find it interesting how 60 years ago, this would've been considered delightfully romantic...

Did he ask you to take a picture with him to show to his friends?

lol i was just about to ask the same thing.

^Cool, we really dont care unfortunately :(. OP: Atleast you know he'll never leave you.... Always watching...

RpiesSPIES 27

No need, he's already in every picture she'd ever taken that past year ;)

lololol, that's awesome. he sounds like a keeper, maybe for you!

deathstroke990 22

copy cat

cmath_fml 19

#69, sometimes people post at the same time. Remember, there is a time delay between the time you post a comment and the time it's actually published :-)

#76 no, he definitely indeed copied. There was a 7 minute time span

Run, mate. Run far, far away.

That's...sweet? But more creepy.

Just a wee bit creepy. I'd say take your chances with the stalker or RUN as far as you can

oj101 33

This reminds me of Timmy throwing an extravaganza to ask Trixie out on a date on Fairly Odd Parents. OP, if I were you, I'd stay well away from that guy.

I remember that episode.

Unless he has fairies. Fairies trump everything.

did you keep the flowers and chocolates?

christian2234 15

That sounds like something I would do. ... To my girlfriend of course! If only I could get one tho !

Would you like a glass of water with that downvote?

mvc3ftw 17

Yes please, with a lemon wedge.