By Jenna - 30/06/2011 00:04 - United States

Today, I was making pudding and accidentally spilt some on the floor. I had no idea until I slipped in it, throwing the bowl of pudding on my head. My mom promised to take me to the hospital as soon as she got a picture. FML
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why is she taking you to the hospital?

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lucky it wasn't shit


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lucky it wasn't shit

thats the spirit!

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Oh she is just the WORST type of person...

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Cause that would've been a shitty situation...??? Ok I'm out...

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#1&8 WIN.

Picture or it didn't happen :)

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make sure you tell them you didn't just shit yourself. I know ha ha. dumb comment.

Lol Puddinhead :D that musta been so fun I'd've laugh if it'd happened to mee. you need to grow a pair op ;)

Picture or it didn't happen :)

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A picture takes three seconds and makes for lovely memories. Calm down, OP.

#1 yeah it would have been all over the living room

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How is it 'lucky' that it wasn't shit? She was making pudding.

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aw bummer.. you spilt homemade pudding =[. who has a bowl of shit anyways???

The toilet's bowl?

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were you makin' the puddin' face??

#1 can you imagine that? Today, I was making shit and accidentally spilt some on the floor. I had no idea until I slipped in it, throwing the bowl of shit on my head. My mom promised to take me to the hospital as soon as she got a picture. FML

Ummm... are you sure you weren't making up a batch of "Shaky Pudding" OP? mmm, mmm, mmm

somebody had pudding face

hahahahhaa i literly loled!(:

Yes I also laugh out louded!(:

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What a coincidence, I also happened to laugh out loud!

I think the point of #16's comment was to make fun of the fact she said "loled" - which could be wrong if you thought of it as laugh out louded - but it could also be laughed out loud. most people I know think laughed out loud but OK 16...

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As opposed to figuratively?

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People just say lol'd or lol'ed to say that they laughed out loud. Don't over think it, people.

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I did, too. It sounds like a comedy sketch.

#44, hey that's my phrase! :P

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They still can't spell "literally"

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Lol = laugh out loud Loled = laughED out loud. If you said ledol instead of loled, no one would have a clue what you were talking about.

What a wonderful mother you have.

tbh I would've done the same thing.

tbh I would've done the same thing.

she's so caring.

I don't think it was my family we always take pictures of emergency room worthy injuries. Though if it's serious the pictures are taken in the ER or in the car on the way there. It doesn't sound like she had critical injuries-from the pudding bowl. then again we only take pictures of impressive ones, but this sounds like it just looked funny!

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hospital for a bowl of pudding must be ceramic or something, not a mixing bowl.

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ur comment is ironic

why is she taking you to the hospital?

because pudding girl is an overreactor.

If she was making pudding it was probably on a stove, and very hot. She probably had some nasty burns.

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she could of hit her head or twisted her ankle

OP's pride was injured. It was injured bad.

Maybe because when you're making pudding it BOILING HOT!

ew the pudding you have to cook is nasty. Lets hope op was making the good kind where you just add cold milk. and hopefully it was just a sprain.

She could have broke or sprained something when she fell, when you make pudding it is very hot and she could have burns, the bowl may have broken and she could have some nasty cuts...

Hospital? I had a glob of flesh shoot out of my nose and my cheap ass went to urgent care. Like hell Ima pay hundreds of dollars for a ambulance and for them to say "Ya...'s a specialist."

...Wait. That's not acceptable?!

I thought it sounded perfectly acceptable!

Scrap book of fail :)

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mother of the year!

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mmmm pudding

Aaaaah you beat me to it.

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*gets on fb* "you were tagged by your mom" *clicks* "WTF!!" Caption: Look who shat himself..

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oops.. I didn't notice the name

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you cant pass through life without a picture of every hilarious moment, then you won't be able to laugh later.