By Anonymous - 01/02/2014 18:37 - United States - Cortland

Today, my Axe shampoo, body wash, and deodorant finally did their job: they got a girl to notice me. Too bad the girl was my grandma. FML
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Axe is cheap. Try some big boy cologne, hm?

Seriously, if I met a guy that used nothing but Axe products, my ovaries would recede so far I'd have them for eyeballs.


She was probably just being nice!

nice, or overwhelmed by the smell. You need more than good hygiene to get a girl to notice you. But props cause some guys can't even get that down. P.S. They like it when you notice them-as in- they are not going to come to you, you have to go get them.

yeh, nice grandma ^~^

Don't worry.... All girls love astronauts so I guess it just works it's way from who saw the first one to the present day

arandomusernameaa 20

it's a lynx advert... youtube it ;)

#88 A lot of people on here are Americans, so they probably wern't aware of the commercial or the fact that Axe is called Lynx every where else in the world. Hell, even I'm only aware of that because I was looking up Axe on wikipedia at one point!

At least someone noticed you. Some people have it way worse

Like dis kid would know... look at that golden boy face. ^^

dat face. me gusta -__-

each has their own taste, I suppose.

Well remember OP, grandma loves you!.. Shame about your shampoo though. Must smell like knitting.

Grandmas seem to notice everything...

Axe is cheap. Try some big boy cologne, hm?

Seriously, if I met a guy that used nothing but Axe products, my ovaries would recede so far I'd have them for eyeballs.

I find old spice works way better... it's a cleaner sent

BODY WASH CHOICES Axe = arrogant Dove men care = sensitive Old spice = Terry Crews

And please, OP, tone it down. Not everything needs to scream, "SMELL ME" If you want to be noticed, you're going about it the wrong way. Be the nice, funny guy that just so happens to smell nice. Trust me, women love that guy. Bonus tip; if your spray isn't overwhelming, the girl has to get closer to smell you. No lady likes to smell you before she even sees you coming. You're an allergy hazard.

But 31, my dove men plus care bar soap has shea butter to help moisturize my skin AND it smells nice. Hmm...I was going to ask about how that means I'm sensitive but I may see your point now.

The dark temptation one is the only AXE/LYNX product anyone should use.

I agree! Axe isn't the most pleasant smell. Get real cologne like "Bleu de Chanel" or Ralph Lauren's "Polo Blue". There are a ton of others. Just look some up!

Your axe must smell like Stetson. You smell exactly like grandpa.

I say don't try too hard.. when the time is right you'll meet someone. In the meantime, word of advice, you might be overdoing it with the Axe. Too much axe actually repels girls..

I'm a guy, and I can attest to this. There should be a serving size or something printed on the can!

Axe in any quantity is still nasty, but when you practically bathe in it, it becomes just downright nauseating.

Personally, I think whatever scent a guy uses, he should use the least amount possible. That way a girl would get closer and closer. Trust me I know what I'm talking about. lol

118, he is bathing in it.

Grandmas know Best!

"They" don't tell you the chemicals in Axe only works on GILFs.

You're right, they don't work on anyone. (I'm going to sit in a corner and pretend that's what you meant. Please, please..)