By KarolBee - 14/05/2009 06:48 - United States

Today, I was spending time with my boyfriend for our one year anniversary. Trying to be romantic, I told him that I loved him and I was so glad I was with him. He responded by giving me a thumbs-up and turning back to the TV. FML
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what a nice boyfriend you have there

#9, they want to be the one that changes them into a nice guy or "saves" them, and most likely, they have daddy issues. Some just like to be with someone difficult or who will control them, because its "cute". Usually, in that last case, it just turns into abuse. That's my own personal opinion anyway.


what a nice boyfriend you have there

You know, more people don't want to hear these three words (I love you), most want to hear these three words...LET'S GET NAKED

If he does not want to talk to you then stuff your period stained panties in his mouth. Then leave.

yah sounds like you got a winner there....way to pick em...LOL but that sucks hunn...

Since you've been with him a year, I doubt this is highly an unusual behavior for him. What were you expecting? That sucks though. It's not like its a random day you're saying all this, its your anniversary.

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Classic. . .YDI for disturbin your boyfriend while watchin tv lol

I doubt you'll get a girlfriend with that kind of attitude, just saying. Have some empathy...

ooouuuch. I would have gotten soo pissed off at my boy. haha he would never hear the end of it, but really that does suck... honestly #6???

It really does depend what was on TV. If it was 24 then it really should be your boyfriends fml for interupting his bauer hour with an I love you!!!

Never understood what women find attractive about assholes. Anybody want to enlighten me?

Just one year and he's already indifferent. Nice.