By Anonymous - 21/12/2009 08:29 - United States

Today, while my boyfriend was sleeping, I got naked and sat on top of him. He woke up and I asked him if he would rather stay awake or go back to sleep, in hopes that he would stay awake and want to do some naughty stuff with me. His response? To grab my butt, and then go back to sleep. FML
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he was tired, give him a break, at least he grabbed ur ass before sleeping!

what would you do if he woke you up to have sex?


your boyfriend is hilarious! YDI for assuming guys want to do it all the time

coming from a deep sleeper, I can honestly say that if I was sleeping and that happened I probably wouldn't even have a clue as to what was going on. actually I'd probably think it was a dream - so don't feel too bad maybe that was the case.

he was tired, give him a break, at least he grabbed ur ass before sleeping!

i know, he could have been very tired. once, I was at a sleepover, and everybody started throwing pillows at me. even one girl took of my bra, but I was so tires that I couldn't care. Then I fell asleep and forgot the next morning..

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I was gonna say the exact same thing #4 said. When he complain in the future when you don't wanna do it, just bring this up!

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woww my bf and I just makeout and shit.. he grabs my ass while we makeout :)

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48's info says she's 13... This is what's wrong with the world.

48 originally posted their comment on 2010. she is 17 now that it is 2015 (when you posted your comment).

he was sleepy mens minds are one track he brain was still in sleep mode next time grab his penis or kiss his neck

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you should have just done him while he laid there, if he didnt wake up the first time he will wake up very very happy otherwise

what would you do if he woke you up to have sex?

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Exactly! Double standards are shit. All these people saying the man is lucky to have a horny gf initiating sex instead of denying him for her ulterior gains... Guess what! Men have a choice over their bodies too! He is human just like any woman is. If he doesn't want it, he is well within his right to not have it. Deal with it, OP! You can't get everything you want just because you have a ******. It's not as special as you think it is...

u must have some hot ass else he would have fallen back to sleep instantaneously !

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am i the only one thinking this post is a little selfish? .. you woke him up because you were horny? know what fingers are for? maybe had you woken him to give him head, i would think this type of thing was acceptable. If my bf woke me up to eat my pussy it'd be hella hot. but if he did so because he was horny he'd be out so fas

I'd certainly appreciate that. many women don't even like to initiate sex. they're just not comfortable or confident in doing so