By IceQueen / Saturday 1 February 2014 00:40 / United States - Clinton
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  enddmd  |  27

24/7 plumbers are generally going to charge you through the ass though. Stick local. Most local contractors have attention to detail and care about the final product more so than massive corporations. Plus, smaller contractors are more likely to send an appropriately licensed employee.

  dawnimus  |  21

I liked the pun (I love terrible puns) but you're probably going to get downvoted to hell for using "would of", so for future reference, it's "would have". Keep up with the puns :)

  Godsofdracos  |  15

I say we let it slide this time, I mean at least it wasn't shitty situation, sticky situation, icy what happened there, ransoms pussy for cat pun, or any of the other overused puns.

Original, delivered nicely, one error I give it a 96/100.

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