By Ally - 27/09/2015 01:47 - Canada - Etobicoke

Today, I wrote a song for my boyfriend on paper. The first thing he did was correct my grammar. FML
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Maybe writing poems to a grammar nazi wasn't the best idea

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Be romantic with someone who can handle romance. He should've admired your effort. Plus poems don't always have to be grammatically correct.


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This is why you write things on the computer

Well, I don't know about you but, I find writing things by hand much more romantic than on the computer. There's something about someone's handwriting that makes it more personal.

Because no one ever made a grammar error on a computer..

andits 21

Be romantic with someone who can handle romance. He should've admired your effort. Plus poems don't always have to be grammatically correct.

Well that's an overreaction. Some people, myself included, simply can't ignore incorrect grammar. In many cases I'd swallow it in and never mention the mistake, if it really does mean nothing. In other cases I'd try to correct people in the friendliest way possible and am often even thanked. But I've never received a romantic letter with grammar mistakes (or without - forever alone D:) and I have no idea how I'd react then. On one hand I'd see the good intention and love that was put into it, and I'd definitely appreciate it. On the other hand I'd never be able to look at it and NOT notice the mistake. So like, do I keep the letter? Do I throw it away? Definitely not immediately. Most probably I'd suck it up and look for some other, unrelated opportunity to correct her grammar ;P but there would definitely be an urge to do it right then and there. tl;dr it's not the bf's fault that it bothers him, yes he could and should have been more graceful but in the end, I voted YDI for having bad grammar in the first place.

Oh, and I think every written text should be grammatically correct regardless of context. The only exception is chat and instant messaging, in which it's okay to write quick and dirty. And it's also okay to correct grammar in these chats, to which the correct reply would be "yeah whatever you know what I meant".

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why everyone saying poems? she says song? lol.

NeatNit, I think you may have reacted a bit strongly yourself. I honestly understand the desire for everything to be grammatically correct but to say that would be your first thought and you'd have to hold yourself back from saying it is a bit strange. To not be able to look passed the errors and think of the effort that someone has taken to write the poem (I'm waiting for you to say about the lack of effort due to the errors) sort of sucks. My initial reaction was that he said it because he felt awkward. In the nicest way possible, some people just don't know how to deal with gifts like that!

Every single card my boyfriend has made me has always contained one spelling or grammar error. I love them because he made them but it always makes my heart sink when I see them. Sounds lame but it makes me cringe and I always read them hoping the next one will be different...but it never is. It's gotten to the point where it's a laughable trope but really, just once, I'd like a card with no mistakes.

#23 - it's all a matter of perspective. I'm very pedantic by nature - that's just who I am, I can't change that. So yes, errors would be the first thing I notice. But obviously I'll try and look past that, and see the effort and meaning (I even said so in my earlier comment). I'm not going to say that errors show there was no effort. Obviously the person who wrote it just doesn't notice or give any meaning/weight to grammatical errors, which is again a matter of perspective. The effort is seen elsewhere - e.g. decorations drawn around, the lyrics sans errors, etc. Grammar is like kerning. Before you know its rules and its purpose, you don't care about it at all and never notice the lack of it. But after you learn about it, you can't help but notice and get annoyed wherever it's used incorrectly / not used, and you're broken for life. I guess I just acknowledge that not everyone has been broken by grammar.

Maybe you shouldn't have dropped out of school. Ydi

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Not only do you not know anything about the OP. But your comment has a grammar error YDI should be all caps because it's a acronym. So maybe it's you who should've stayed in school...

Type it on the computer next time. Spellcheck is your friend.

Spell check won't catch all grammatical errors

Maybe he just didn't know how to react to it? I'm sure he appreciates the effort you took. At least I hope he did.

Wtf!? Songs aren't even supposed to have correct grammar that's what makes them art!

#7 so your comment is also art apparently

I dunno... Another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd uses grammar metaphorically to express its meaning.

You should know what's grammatically correct if you have a boyfriend if you don't know how to use grammar your to young

Says the person who didn't use any punctuation in their comment, in addition to using your instead of you're, and to rather than too. Come on, dude. If you're going to be a dick about someone else's grammar, make sure yours is at least close to the mark.

#14, how much do you want to bet that he'll come back with "I was being sarcastic and doing it on purpose!"

I love it when this happens. Oh the irony.

Really though, i have no idea what age has to do with being able to use grammar. I know plenty of 30+ year old people with atrocious spelling and grammar.

write a song about him being a grammar Nazi

"Your a grammer nazi, oohhh stop dont be a grammer nazi, no body like a grammer nazi. (x2)"

I really hope no one comments saying the above was all wrong... Possibly the most obviously sarcastic comment I've seen. It's bound to go over some people's heads! :)

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I guess you better double check your grammar next time lol at least it was a good idea!