By ashleynicolle - 25/02/2012 06:16 - United States

Today, I gave my grandparents my old cell to use since they needed an upgrade. I thought I had deleted everything until I received a text from my grandmother. It was a vagina shot I had taken for my fiancé with a message that said "You need to wear more makeup". FML
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Idonebeenhad 17
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you're really silly if you think OP would actually send you the pic. don't you see where this situation got her last time??

The_Troller 14

*whoosh* <-- That was the sound of the joke, as it flew over your head.

idk who i feel more bad for, her or her grandmothers eyes

shanemaximo 7

At least your grandma didn't decide to send you a pic back with a caption that said, "Dear, this is a real woman's vag."

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43- ha. That was actually funny :)

Don't you just love how every one of 40's comments get flagged for being so stupid?

I'm starting to think 40 is trolling us all hardcore. I mean, who could really be that oblivious? To everything?

The_Troller 14

And now people will think I'm talking about #9 in my previous comment

Oh I missed it ): was #40 juicystar777 by any chance?

Aww poopie I didn't get to see 40's comment :(

#89 - I think I love you for loving rise against

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^^^ most overused joke besides the arrow to the knee jokes.

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I used to make those kinds of jokes then I took an arrow in the knee...

The_Troller 14

Yikes, you must be one of those creeps into GILFS. Ew.

SwaggerMelon 6

Come on guys; I was just trolling around...

I use to like threesomes, but then I took an arrow to the knee..

I used to take arrows to the knee, but then the surgery bills started adding up.

Let's hope it didn't inspire her to send you her own.

"oh, a picture message from gramma. Let's see wha- OH MY GOD!!"

If she did, I'm sure we would be reading a longer f m l

I'm picturing Grandma showing all her friends a picture of her wonderful grand daughter despite not wearing any make up

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If it was a shot down there, -shudder-, then why would you need to wear makeup?

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It is a joke. Gosh people these days.

It was a sarcastic misconception that OP's ****** shot was actually her face. Seriously people, if you are going to make fun of someone for not getting the joke, explain it in your ridicule. Otherwise, you seem just as ignorant but sound like an asshole at the same time.

KiddNYC1O 20

90 - I totally agree with you. It's not helpful to leave someone in the dark. Even if the light switch is right in front of them... Ooh; I made a metaphor! ;)

Let's hope she didn't have her glasses on and actually did mistake that picture for your face.

Or she was just indirectly saying OP is a c*nt for giving her a phone with that picture still on it. xD

This must be that duck face the kids are doing these days.

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Why wouldn't you have gone through your pictures & deleted everything...

xStaciexLynnx 15

If she had those kinds of pictures on there she should have double checked everything.

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In my personal opinion, I dont think taking nude pics is a smart idea. Who knows who's hands it could land into.

It depends if you give a this case, I'd agree, but plenty of other people wouldn't be too fussed who saw them or how.