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Today, I was in a hurry trying to get into my locker, but it stuck. After a few frustrating attempts, I finally managed to get it open. In anger, I threw the door open, but it bounced back and hit me in the head. My natural reflex was to jerk forward, giving myself a black eye from the hook inside. I got in a fight with my locker and lost. FML
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look on the bright side: your natural reflex is to charge, head first, into danger.

bahahaha. I always had that problem in high school.


bahahaha. I always had that problem in high school.

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i always hit the kid with the locker below mine in the head

You two are lucky, we can't have lockers :/

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I don't have lockers at my highschool either. We don't need lockers because we don't use textbooks.

Darn it my comment didn't show and I'm not gonna type it again I wish I could post a dam comment, but noo! it's like tryna winn the lottery posting a comment!

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yea but now you can make up a cool story about how you saved a baby from vicious lions and then once you killed the lions an animal rights advocate came up to you and punched you in the eye. You're gonna get so much pussi.

my highschool is so ghetto. we have cubbys that go so high people have to climb up on everybody elses to get to theirs. it always smells bad, you cab see the vents, one day there where just maggots crawling around.

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25- ur school does use textbooks?? either u go to school in LAUSD or some forgot to order some... jus sayin

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we dont hve lockers either v.v

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we dont hve lockers either v.v

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I'm sure you're getting a fantastic education.

we have a fairly small school so we all have lockers that are big so no one is under/over you :P

I never use my locker, so I don't think I will have this problem unless she gets mad at me for ignoring her. Lockers can be sadistic little bitches!

41 the op is a girl lol unless she is a lesbian I don't think she will be getting any pussy

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look on the bright side: your natural reflex is to charge, head first, into danger.

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106 oh never mind then, she still has to make up a story tho.

She could say she was in a abusive relationship and needs to be comforted. or she got in a catfight with another bitchy girl

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gotta be smarter than the locker.

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i fought the locker and the locker won, i fought the locker and the locker won

117 I agree with u, she needs to seem likeless of a loser haha but she mght be gettin some dick!

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Notice, even though they changed the reply system, PPL STILL REPLY TO FIRST COMMENT!

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123 oh yea guys love it when girls have black eyes, I think it's so sexy lol jk.

Way too long not an fml, just you being stupid.

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Hahaha, this just made my day. XD

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Me three. I laughed pretty darn hard at the image of this. xDD

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It reminds me of an episode of Spongebob when he tries to open a tube of toothpaste with a wrench and ends up with a blackeye. x.o

I hated my high school's lockers... that's why I just carried all my books in my backpack

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8- W'ere not allowed to carry backpacks because it means someone's going to bring a gun to school.

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File a lawsuit. In today's world, you'd either win or settle for a good chunk of change.

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that's what's wrong with America everyone wants to sue everyone for stupid shit. one of my buddies got killed in action and his parents tried to sue the army for "negligence". stupid, people just want money and they dont want to work for it.

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haha that made me laugh :] good one