By Anonymous - Canada - Edmonton
Today, I had a dream in which I was being mugged. I started fighting the muggers off, while in reality, my fist smacked my wife in the face. Now she has a black eye, nobody believes my story, and they think I'm a wife beater. FML
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  rapunzel3416  |  28

This happened to me with my ex boyfriend except I got a busted lip rather than a black eye. To save him the trouble of explaining when it was just an accident I said my dog jumped on me in the middle of the night. Even though he hit me in his sleep I didn't want people questioning it. It saved a lot of trouble.

  GwylaFelidae  |  7

My S.O. flails in his sleep, often waking me up with an elbow in my face. Once, he actually punched me in the groin. He's never left a mark, of which I am grateful.

  Caitie_kid  |  8

I totally get this. My hubby has night terrors as a side effect that never went away from a medication he used to take. I have to wake him up all the time while he's thrashing around.