By Lunazel93 - 22/10/2012 04:07 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, at work as a massage therapist, I pulled down the guy's blanket slightly to massage his lower back. There were shit stains spreading from his ass crack all the way to his mid-back. When I told him, he wanted me to massage there anyway. FML
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Oh I'm sorry but I think, along with everyone else, I did not see what he did there

-3, no I definitely think there was some shit involved. Hopefully, OP was able to hose him off first.

I grew up wanting to be a massage therapist and this story, alone, is the reason I never became one. That is so disgusting; I hope the Original Poster didn't do it.

74- you decided just today you wanted to give being a massage therapist?

No, I grew up wanting to be one but I heard horror stories such as this post. I decided a long time ago but thanks for wondering.

Isn't it allowed for the masseuse to deny service if something like this happens? If not, then it should be...disgusting

#84 but you said "this story alone" was the reason

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The word 'shitty' is so overused, it's lost it's value. That is what made your comment so shit.

Do not speak the word of curse en masse, lest you summon Geldin

I got your reference however it was unfunny and unnecessary

Some people are so disgusting these days.

Damn 20 let me tell you, back then people were walking around with black spots on them. I was like what the **** is up with this Black Plague? "People those days!"

Why did 39 get thumbed down? No one know their history?

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Time for you to take him out of your client list!

I gagged reading this. And I've seen some horrible stuff. I hope you refused him service on the grounds of him being a walking bio-hazard.

That's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard in my life. I hope you didn't massage him there.

Wow... I hope you kicked him out after that. That is a health risk to you, not to mention completely disgusting! You should have been able to refuse him service on those grounds without getting into trouble with your boss.

I guess you've never been around a baby. They get shit stains everywhere when they poop in their diapers. I'm guessing it works the same for adults if they have the runs or anything like that.

#80 - Difference is, babies don't often make massage appointments.

#80: There is a difference between a baby and a grown adult. I don't even know why you compared the two...

Well that reply went to the completely wrong comment. Oops. It was supposed to go to one of the comments asking HOW the guy had gotten shitstains all over his back. I'm aware of the fact that there is a big difference between adults and babies. It's kind of hard NOT to be aware of that. All I was saying is that babies get their poop all the way up their back, partly due to its consistency. Adults can come across the same problem, especially if they're sick.