By anonymous - 22/12/2012 12:50 - Australia - Newcastle

Today, I asked my girlfriend to marry me. She pretended not to hear me. FML
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GuessWhatKids 13

But how can you be so sure man? Maybe she was so shocked and amazed by the proposal that she couldn't even acknowledge it.

noelykins1 19

I agree but also he should of asked her about her feelings on marriage before proposing. If you don't know each other's feelings on the relationship then don't test it like that.

thejewishfuhrer 17

I never take no for an answer. That's for quitters.

Silence means yes. But wait.. if she pretended not to hear then..

*facepalm* Oh I'm stupid. She did not go silent, did she?

chell1894 13

61, how do you know he didn't ask her about her feelings on marriage? And if he did, asking someone about there feelings on marriage doesn't mean that their ready right then to eat married.

chell1894 13

Only a moron wouldn't be able to tell that it was meant to be get. I'm sorry my autocorrect changed it to eat. But I'm actually not sorry.

*Their* feelings on marriage, and *They're* ready. 0 for 2 :(

*Their* feelings on marriage, and *They're* ready. 0 for 2 :(

flipfloperson 5

101's profile says that she uses proper grammar. *facepalm*

you know you really don't have a good comeback when all you can do is correct grammar..

noelykins1 19

I should probably clarify that I agree with #11.

noelykins1 19

Oh and #101 if they had discussed marriage previously and she was as thrilled about the idea as he was I can take an educated guess and say she would of said yes. However she completely ignored his proposal and pretended to not hear him. So I can only assume just like everyone else, that they either didn't talk about the subject previously or they did and she wasn't very thrilled about the subject of marriage. Like I said I am only assuming based on the given information from the FML.

chell1894 13

I was at work and in a rush and autocorrect took over. Sorry not sorry

Louder doesn't help, it's like asking Iran "Do you have nuclear weapons?" What?

That comment made my day Pradip! It's like every FML makes you level up!

BellaBelle_fml 23

Or possibly even personality that isn't so completely immature or bitchy? Ahh, who am I kidding? That probably isn't a possibility. Even if she had heard him, which I think it's safe to assume she most likely did, and she pretended she didn't, she might have been so shocked or overwhelmed that she didn't know how to react, so she didn't. Maybe she wasn't ready? Either way, I think my first statement stands true. She shouldn't have been so immature or bitchy about it. She should have talked to him about it and explained how she felt.

insertnameherr 11

#52 clam down #3 was joking. quit ruining the mood

Well on the upside your picture couldn't ruin anyone's mood.

NotGabe 28

Awww man, this had pun potential! "Might I suggest a heaRING aid?!" -ba dum tss-

BellaBelle_fml 23

insertnameherr; The first part of my comment was a bit of a sarcastic joke as well. But in the last part I decided to take a more serious or logical approach to this FML to maybe help discern what her reasoning was behind her behavior. Thus providing the FML community with both sarcasm and insight all in one comment!

Okay 83, we don't all need to know that her cleavage is giving you an "upside"

californiapoppy 11

Maybe she's not the one then, you want someone who's excited to spend their life with you!

Who says that she doesn't want to? She could really love him, and just might not be ready for marriage or maybe just never wants to actually get married. I think she should have said something instead of ignoring him, but this FML doesn't mean she doesn't want to be with him.

LiterOfCola 16

56- Megan Fox hasn't said no to my proposal either. Does that mean we've been happily married since?

#58 That is exactly how I would take it.

Don't know how I'm a pervert but yeah, I deserved the burying. You're all welcome to my funeral :)

# 6 seems like the roofie-using type of person.

#6 your profile pic matches the intelligence in your comment. Derp

You should make a huge public thing of it next time. She'll have to say yes! ...or she'll reject you in public.

I've seen that youtube video it doesn't end well. though in her defense the foodcourt ism't the most romantic spot to pop the question.

Misswildsides 22

I've watched that video. It said the reason why he asked there, is because that's where they first met.

klovemachine 24

I suggest painting "marry me" on your chest with an arrow pointing down, and have the ring tied around your penis with a string :D

klovemachine 24

I got that from a previous FML :( I wasn't being serious :D

As a girl i voted ur comment down, if my bf did that id slap him actoss the face

outstandtacular 11

29 - I'm a girl and I thumbed them up because it was a joke and it was funny. Lighten up.

29- I thumbed you down because of your atrocious spelling and somewhat retarded comment.

I really have no idea how I would react to that, I'd either be too overjoyed to get mad and just laugh or check if it was April-fools

I love how on FML if a person doesn't think a joke is funny then people are like, "Lighten up!" But if a person makes a couple of errors in their comment or uses the wrong 'your' then people are like, "YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE YOU IDIOT!"

65- Because there's a fine difference between your sense of humor and basic grammar.

67- I for one don't care if someone makes a few spelling or grammatical errors in a comment, as long as they got their point across it's fine with me. Of course, if someone types in heavy text speech or some other idiotic method then that's just stupid and annoying.

29 - I kinda wanna slap you across the face with a dictionary

outstandtacular 11

I'd say yes! Gotta love a clever man with a sense of humor

Did you flash the ring? Or was she perhaps pretending not to see you also?

Guess those words won't be ringing any bells in the near futue.

So, what do you propose you should do now?

SomeDeadRabbits 8

I see what you did there. +1 vote my friend.