By sausagefingers - 22/10/2012 05:29 - United States - Nixa

Today, I overheard my boyfriend and his friends talking in the next room. I smiled when my boyfriend called me beautiful, only to hear his friend laugh and say, "C'mon, dude. She has fat ankles and smells like deli meat." FML
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There is a reason why you're with your boyfriend, and not with his fiend.

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Clearly we need to her the rest of the conversation to decode that

What she means Is that OP has an awesome boyfriend, screw the other jackasses

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Yeah, that's literally the only explanation

it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. it only matters what your boyfriend thinks, and he thinks you're BEAUTIFUL:)

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Funny thing is, his friend is probably jealous of you taking all of his friends attention and that's why he is being so bitchy about you.

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I wonder which deli meat he likes? I'd go for chorizo ;)

Did anyone else think of the TV show friends when they read this? Rachel has chubby ankles...? Or something like that haha

Adding to 2's comment, maybe her boyfriend likes her sausage fingers too! That is her user name after all. In seriousness, though, it seems like the dudes seem jealous of her boyfriend.

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17- I am fairly certain that Chorizo does not count as deli meat.

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-64. Say something positive for once ! Your last comments have been really annoying.

There is a reason why you're with your boyfriend, and not with his fiend.

Yes there are two reasons 1. He is a chubby chaser or a feeder 2. He love deli meat

33, you have no proof of either of your assumptions. You're coming off as one of those dudes, on FML, that if the girl is made fun of for, any reason, then she must be fat. Lame!

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33- That was actually 3 "reasons" (aka ridiculous assumptions).

It doesn't matter what his ******** mate thinks, your boyfriend thinks you're beautiful - nuff said.

true- at the end of the day, no one is going to care about the size of your ankles or what you smell like :D

7 - I think plenty of people will care what she smells like.

Maybe the boyfriend likes the smell of bacon. Who doesn't?

Ouch. In any case, the important thing is that your boyfriend thinks you are beautiful, no matter what his friend thinks. I hope he defended you to him. I'm sure you're beautiful OP, just not everyone has the same ideal of beauty and decide to be really rude about it sometimes :(

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Exactly and everyone smells different.. I read somewhere I don't remember where that if u can't stand the sight and smell of ur significant other sweating then u are not meant to be together.. Obviously ur bf loves ur smell and ur bfs friend does not.. However that is why u are with ur bf and not with his friend

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That's just he's friends point of view! What matters is that he thinks you're beautiful(:

Well what matters is what your boyfriend thinks, not his friend.

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The truth always hurts... but at least your boyfriend loves who for who you are! :)

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Who said it was even the truth?

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What a unique batch of insults. Don't feel insulted - deli meat doesn't smell bad, and a person who would actually thoroughly examine and comment on someone's ankles probably doesn't have his head screwed on straight. He's just jealous because your boyfriend has you and the best he has is his hand.

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11- I thought the same thing. What the heck does her having 'fat ankles' have to do with anything? And why would he have noticed? I think he was just trying to be funny, and failed. This seems like something one should just brush off, unless her boyfriend laughed and agreed with his friend or something.

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Our he thought it would be ride to just call her fat. People generally have to be quite large before the fat rolls in their ankles become visible.

#71 - Thick ankles also are caused by genetics and some medications.

At least your boyfriend knows you're beautiful. That's what matters, and that's why you're dating him, not his friend.