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By  freakybella  |  0

I'm sorry OP that you found out your mom was (still is?) easy. Look on the bright side though, when your mom narrows it down to a few potential men; you can go on tv and let Maury tell you who your father is. If it turns out to be none of them he'll keep helping you search. He doesn't care how high that number of men gets: 30,50, even 100! He won't rest until someone is your daddy!

  Pluff  |  0

What a well thought out comment number one! Your wisdom totally distracted me from recognizing that you just put anything in an effort to be number one and get lots of attention which always leads up to popularity and pretty girls who most likely stole their display pictures!

@OP: Is that somehow worse?

  chloec16  |  0

And you needed to state "hmmm" to show you were thinking about this? How about you actually say something more constructive next time! It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  jewban  |  3

5 and 16 you guys are just pissed because you didn't get 1st comment honestly let the dude right whatever they want. don't be little bitches

By  ricars  |  5

I don't see why people get bothered about being 'accidents'. I doubt my parents meant to have me and that's fine. of course never meeting your father over it is another thing altogether