By Anonymous - United States - Long Beach
Today, I had a new client on my massage list. Two of my fingers got stuck in the thick coat of hair covering his back. I had to stop myself from making grunting noises whilst extricating them. FML
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  Merylwen  |  24

I really don't understand that. I mean, I don't find thick "back fur" attractive, but it's not like one chooses to have hair or not. Yes, he could wax it, but why should he? It's not like it's unnatural. Plus, how is it disgusting? It's hair, not dirt. People all have different looking bodies, I can't see the use for bullying everyone to fit a certain standard.


My hair grows unevenly on my face and torso, much to my disappointment. And yet down south of my waist I'm like a damn ape! So I have to agree with #72, we don't get to choose our hair patterns. Can't blame a poor guy for body fuzz some may or may not agree with.