By dwaggle - United States
Today, my wife tried to catch the bouquet at my sister's wedding. Afterward I informed her that only single women were supposed to do that, and she replied "I know". My wife told me that she was divorcing me at my sister's wedding. FML
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By  JoeBentley  |  0

That is so fucked up. I'll never understand why so many people feel the need to be petty and vindictive when they break up with someone. If a relationship doesn't work out just end it honestly, no need to emotionally hurt another person anymore then is necessary.

  Jay9313  |  0

Dude, someone finally gets it! My Ex-Girlfriend decided she had feeling for this other guy, so instead of breaking up with me to be with him and being done with it, she cheats on me for TWO weeks, breaks up with me and told me she'd been cheating on me, started a bunch of rumors about me, tell everyone I was harassing her, gave my phone number out to a bunch of guys telling them I was harassing her, and to please make me stop, and told everyone I gave her death threats, which in turn made them give me death threats. She broke up with me, and i didn't talk to her at all, sooo she's a filthy drama whore, but don't tell anyone i said that, because I'm not going to start name calling, I'm above that.