Slow down

By Anonymous - 04/11/2020 17:01 - Canada

Today, after months of ultrasounds and blood tests, I found out that the pain I've been feeling in my ovaries is actually just sore muscles from flicking my bean every night. FML
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my type of woman

I'll bet she said "too," or she would have been a crap teacher!


my type of woman

Nothing wrong at all then 😁

I never thought I'd say this to a woman, but you need to masturbate less.

You need to get laid.

my teacher told my class at least once a week, that you could never do it to often. it was very awkward for a bunch of 13 year olds.

I'll bet she said "too," or she would have been a crap teacher!

Just how damn hard are you flicking it?

stretch before you orgasm. It wont hurt as much. and get a air pulse toy.

Why do they call it “flicking” the bean? Shouldn’t it be “rubbing the bean” or even “rubbing one out” to borrow from male terminology? Or...wait am I doing it wrong?

What’s up with the YDI votes? Sucks she had to shell out all that time and money over something that turned out to be sore muscles. But OP at least you have your peace of mind! Flick away and think of how ripped your ovaries are gonna be (as in muscular. Slow down if you’re actually causing damage).

Maybe this is just me being paranoid after a whole line of BS gynecologists refused to take me seriously because of non-standard PCOS symptoms, but it smells like “female hysteria” category phooey to me. Get another opinion. And then a third, just to be sure.