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  Bano360  |  25

Who has strawberries for breakfast?

  TookaWooka666  |  0

Hey man just because yo momma is a blue waffle don't mean ya gots to be bad mouthing the good waffles, also did you know you can make your own gel shoe inserts with a waffle iron? what about a pancake?Nothin, thought so.

  Vegangeekgirl  |  2

I would totally eat strawberries for breakfast.

OP I don't think you should take it personally. He probably just is a bit limited in expressing himself. Either or that or he is some kind of foodie.

  bummervacation  |  10

As sexy as I think pancakes are, I think breakfast sausages are even better at turning me on. Yeah, that nice meaty taste and long, thin proportions... Mmmmmmm...
How come no-one has thought to mention it yet? I fully expected to have my idea stolen.. :(


lol. that's not him in the picture... 50(marinus) which is Dutch btw, is a lot darker than that white kid. Marinus has come up a lot recently and he definitely keeps himself in shape.

  st0815  |  9

For men the feeling during orgasm is heightened when they receive less oxygen. That's why some men use autoerotic asphyxiation, but much more commonly they simply hold their breath when they are about to come. (Many men might not even be aware that they are doing that breath-holding, it's almost automatic.) So men usually don't make a lot of noise during orgasm (doesn't go well with the whole "not breathing" concept), at best it comes out as something like "mmph".

So OP takes that completely irrelevant sound and derives a meaning from it. She interprets it as something negative of course, meaning that her fiance either implied or felt something negative about her.

Congratulations OP, there is nothing wrong with you - you are normal for a female. :-)

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Well #8, since you asked (sort of), I hate pancakes. Have for years. I absolutely cannot force myself to eat any more than a very small one, and even that very rarely, like if I happen to be staying at a friend's place and they really want pancakes for breakfast.