By confused - 28/09/2011 04:55 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend told me that having sex with me was as good as eating crispy bacon. I don't know if I should feel complimented. FML
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Yes you should, cause there is nothing better than crispy bacon

saIty 17

Wow you should feel honored. That is one of the most complimentary compliment I have heard in my life. Be proud you know how to work it girl.


Yes you should, cause there is nothing better than crispy bacon

Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips...

Horde 8

Definitely true! At least you came to the right place to ask this question XD

fthislyfe 22

I can't believe it! Nothing can be as awesome as crispy bacon.

I wish my boyfriend complimented me like that!

This is like the first time the, "You Deserved It" button means a good thing. Ahaha definitely a compliment.

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Your as hot as sizzling bacon # 38

The only thing better than crispy bacon is endless crispy bacon.

Break up with him now; chewy bacon is the way to go...mmmmm fat......

Diced up bacon, egg and buttered toast makes the BEST breakfast sandwich ever. Especically diced crispy bacon... It's like a mouthgasm.

Be glad he didn't compare going down on you to crispy bacon...

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67- There is no such thing as rotten bacon. That would mean that they didn't eat it all. Shame on them, for letting good bacon go to waste.

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You should because crispy bacon is crispy

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Dayum As good as crispy bacon? Op must be a beast in the bedroom

proxxX069069 7

Alright then I don't have to worry ;]

66, that's very very true! Now I'm hungry... "Who wants some beggin' strips?" "I'd get it myself but I don't have thumbs" "IT'S BACON!" that commercial was just on lol

enonymous 8

I wish my girlfriend had crispy bacon. By girlfriend I mean my hand...

Mmmmmm, bacon. p.s. Take dates, wrap them in bacon with a toothpick to hold it all together, and roast them in the oven. When you feed these to your boyfriend, he'll love you even more. And when you taste them, you'll love me for telling you this recipe.

136. I hope someone comes up to you on the street and shoves bacon down your throat. And you choke and die on it.

That was uncalled for, #152. Totally uncalled for.

I like chewy bacon better, but crispy is alright

bitchslapped22 14

Because bacon is awesome! All men love bacon

Clearly, you've never had REAL crispy bacon.

Well, chocolate coated crispy bacon would be better than just crispy bacon, but I don't know if OP would still rule. Do you swallow?

We're in the minority but I prefer chewy bacon too. Crispy bacon is too crunchy and burnt.

Do you have any idea how important bacon is to a man? HUGE complement!!

kbobcat 0

1) BACON STRIPS & BACON STRIPS & BACON STRIPS & BACON STRIPS 2) bacon is the single most greatest thing in the world 3) you should feel very complimented that sex is close enough to even compete with bacon

hey it's better than being told that sex with you is like eating a blue waffle.

No I think it was perfectly appropriate, screw you vegipests

yay i got the 400th like on the first comment

Loroxe (#213) - If that was aimed towards my comment that told someone that it was inappropriate to hope that a vegetarian choked and died on a piece of bacon someone shoved down their throat, then you're wrong. For two reasons. Ever consider it's annoying for the veggies to be told what to eat too? You don't have to be veggie to realise that. I'm probably going to get modded for remembering the three posts in question, but oh well. *Looks innocent*

TheSchizoPsycho 5

5149 - You feed your bf your dates! :O I've heard of eating out a date, not eating them... Canadian bacon?

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It's funny because it's true

punkin_26 16

all that missing in your bacon strips is some jack daniels

punkin_26 16

76-yeah huge difference-that would be an insult

saIty 17

Wow you should feel honored. That is one of the most complimentary compliment I have heard in my life. Be proud you know how to work it girl.

She knows how to work it like crispy bacon.

I think she should wash down there, especially if it's crunchy

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87- Wait... You mean she smells funny and has a penis?

TheSchizoPsycho 5

I'm pretty sure he just proposed to you. Did you say yes?

You should tell him he feels as thick as a piece of bacon. :)

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He complemented her,why should she insult him back?

otb113 7

be a good girlfriend and ask him if he wants to eat crispy bacon WHILE you two have sex

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You think he'd be able to handle the amazing-ness? I mean... sex... WITH BACON? I give him 2 minutes.

Lol I say put bacon down there before he gives you oral :D

UrLyfSuxx 0

The only thing better then cripsy bacon, is sex with crispy bacon.

shooterbuddy 8

Hope he's not eating you out and thinks you taste like bacon

perdix 29

Why not? He'd never stop! As far as the crispy part is concerned, she could put some edible lube on her chapped lips, and they'd be good to go.

I wish my girl tasted like bacon down there...

Well bacon taste better than a pussy so yea

jobsman99 0

Get some bacon flavored edible lotion to rub on your nipples and pussy and he will love it. He will lick you to a bacon flavored ****** any time you want.

emodude44 0

You know, a friend and I had a discussion about that last night. I said if pussy tasted like bacon, I'd eat it all day long.

well then you never had crispy bacon before. lol

That might be the best compliment a girl can get. Be proud!