By Anonymous - 02/06/2012 10:24 - United Kingdom - Northampton

Today, I said to my boyfriend that he makes the same noises when he smells bacon as he does when we have sex. Now everytime we have sex, he whispers "Bacon..." in my ear. FML
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Same thing different taste


Especially when it's whispered into your ear.

14 - And most definitely when it's during sex.

sounds like a man living the American Dream: Bacon and Broads.

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As Eric foreman would say, "Ba-Con"

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That sucks be scared for life lol ha ha ha?

Sorry about my american dream comment, I'm simply an ignoramus that pays no attention to detail.


i dont blame him, bacon is pretty sexy

He probably orgasmed twice of fast while thinking about bacon.

Maybe they both should try eating bacon while having sex. That's gotta change the OPs mind about bacon.

This just reminds me of the obnoxious Jack in the Box commercial that incessantly interrupts my South Park episodes.

Hey, bacon grease makes great lube...

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My mouth has orgasms everytime I eat bacon!

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20- You are a a genius.... *whispers* I think I love you...... No... Ok... *walks away quickly*

**** YEAH MAN. I'm omnomnomin on some right now!

what's with all the sexual whispering lately lol

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My boyfriend likes to come up behind me at the most inappropriate moments and whispers "crotch" in my ear. All because I sarcastically (and unfortunately, sexily) said that the word turns me on. No more jokes for me..

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68 - I think "crotch" is my least favorite English word ever. It sounds like what it is.

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Oh god. I actually hate the word. It's awful. Just the whole sound, the way your mouth moves when you say.. Everything about it makes me cringe.

Honestly, saying cringe isn't too far off from saying crotch is it?

45 - it's not even anything sexy, it's just really weird haha

What a typical male!! Buzz kill much?

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It's actually pretty funny... This made me giggle, hehehehe... Mmm bacon :D

Pfffft sex is always better then bacon ..... Men have lost their game over the years, they've gone soft, it's us women who have sex on the brain more now.

27- Obviously you do considering what your profile picture is... Besides bacon is delicious and can give you a very nice foodgasm :) Has anyone ever heard of bacon flavored condoms?

Bacon.....flavored...condoms?! I wouldn't actually use them, I would rather have them in my mouth all day. Just being honest.

I don't understand flavored condoms. Just because a ****** has lips doesn't mean it can taste stuff. Plus, if you're going to give a ******** wouldn't you take the condom off?

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40 - I think we can still use them and put them in your mouth all day. :) Nope doesn't matter which u are.

Actually, doesn't it say something about using flavored condoms for sex?

Is there no place for humor in sex #4?

Really 27? Cause I see more FMLs about men wanting sex from their woman than I see about women wanting it..

53- Don't ask how I know this, but condoms are actually a great lip chap! :3

#27 Men typically think of bacon during sex? And they've gone soft? I think some of your relationship problems are subconciously oozing into your comments xD

Sex with somebody other than you I sure

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I see what you did there 27. Sex could have been better, they have gone SOFT. But seriously, you only get what you give in bed. Maybe you should be looking inside yourself instead of blaming others.

27's comment is a perfect example of the kind of sexism that I can't stand.

27, bacon is delicious. It doesn't matter what gender you are. If someone said "do you want sex or bacon?" I would choose the bacon, hands down. I am a girl by the way.

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Ok you guys are misunderstanding poor 27 she said THEN bacon! I prefer sex then bacon as well. Or before... Or both

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I am extremely hard after reading this thread.....


Hey, if all males love bacon, then you better be damned sure im a male

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Really 113? I found this kinda hard to ********** to.

71, because when a woman wants it she usually gets it.

Just had to send this to my boyfriend cos he does the same, but the vegetarian verson. So pizza, mainly.

...does the same...but vegetarian version..? It is definitely not the same thing. Because nothing, & I repeat.. Nothing compares to sex & bacon! ;)

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How is pizza the "vegetarian version"...?

Cheese and tomato pizza is basically his diet. How he stays skinny as a rake I do not know.

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All I could think of while reading this was that dog in the commercial with the bacon strips yelling "Bacon!"

Ha ha ha! It's Bacon! My kids love that damn commercial

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"yum yum yum yum yum, IT'S BACON!!"

Looks like you've got some competition.

I think u'll learn to keep your comments to urself from now on right?

OP wasn't being rude to her boyfriend, she was just pointing something out.

and why aren't you assuming that he is just joking with her when he says "bacon", it's sooo not worthy of an FML........ should I say "yeah, ur life sucks coz ur boyfriend has a sense of humor"?

That's because eating bacon is basically like having sex. ;)

That's the price of having sex when ur just bf and gf