By Anonymous - 2/6/2012 10:24 - United Kingdom - Northampton
  Today, I said to my boyfriend that he makes the same noises when he smells bacon as he does when we have sex. Now everytime we have sex, he whispers "Bacon..." in my ear. FML
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  citymayer  |  7

My boyfriend likes to come up behind me at the most inappropriate moments and whispers "crotch" in my ear. All because I sarcastically (and unfortunately, sexily) said that the word turns me on. No more jokes for me..

  taheki  |  0

Pfffft sex is always better then bacon ..... Men have lost their game over the years, they've gone soft, it's us women who have sex on the brain more now.

  Amethyst888  |  14

27- Obviously you do considering what your profile picture is... Besides bacon is delicious and can give you a very nice foodgasm :) Has anyone ever heard of bacon flavored condoms?

  AbbyAbyss  |  5

I don't understand flavored condoms. Just because a vagina has lips doesn't mean it can taste stuff. Plus, if you're going to give a blow job wouldn't you take the condom off?

  wlddog  |  14

I see what you did there 27. Sex could have been better, they have gone SOFT.
But seriously, you only get what you give in bed. Maybe you should be looking inside yourself instead of blaming others.

  radwanov  |  14

and why aren't you assuming that he is just joking with her when he says "bacon", it's sooo not worthy of an FML........ should I say "yeah, ur life sucks coz ur boyfriend has a sense of humor"?