By Elliott_B - 24/06/2011 15:54 - United States

Today, my neighbor passed away, and my father and I went to give his wife our condolences. In the middle of my dad's conversation with the wife, he says "I'm sorry for your loss, I knew Jim well, he was a great guy." The wife stares at him and says, "His name was Rich." FML
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Elliott_B tells us more.

OP here, just for some more info we had given her a card at the same time and my dad wrote Rich in it, he just accidentally let Jim slip on accident. my dad is not an "idiot", he just wasn't thinking clearly at the time

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Did I say Jim? I meant 'him'!!

It's time to jump in your Batmobile and make a get-away.


can you say awkward?

oh god that's just wrong

he was such a great guy, he had two names

"ohhhh we gave each other nicknames... I called him Jim."...."he called me negligent" ugh tough break op but sorry for misfortune on your friend "Jim"

theres so many death related posts lately

Jim was his escort svc name.

It's the apocalypse!

His name is Robert Paulson. If you get the reference I will shower you with cookies... or just shower with you

I was thinking of "should have had a v8" but then "need a moment? Twix" came into my mind. OP should have had a Twix.

oh bummer.....:/ awkward silence

You shouldve given them some curry. That makes everyone feel better!

The Fight Club reference! I win cookie..

idk 93 id pick the shower *commence thumbs down attack*

congrats 93 u now get to shower with a creeper

please try to contain your jealousy 95

he couldve saved himself with "i said Jim? I meant 'him'"

It's ok the shower is filled with some of my former priests. She can have the cookie

"Him was a great guy"?

Ok disregard my last comment. I'm an idiot. >.<

no but I can say turtle

The FML is rich in humor. As are the comments.

Sorry for posting at the top, but seriously, how can anyone say op deserved it???

It's time to jump in your Batmobile and make a get-away.

yea and go right next door. he's their neighbor...he'd have to come back eventually

need a moment? have a Twix. "Am I your man, Mr Dumbass?" "The name, is Dumass"

But only the president of Mexico has a batmobile! ...Unless...

I believe the president of Mexico may actually drive an Invisible Boatmobile.


a Mexican doesn't drive a batmobile they ride on donkeys, besides I would of stolen the batmobile from him by now

63 hey! That's my other nickname other then Mr.Sassypants. 8)

what the fuck are you talking about

Random shit it seems

comes to show how he cared for the family

What'd you dad say afterwards lol

make like a hockey stick and get the puck outta there!

get it dad cause pucks not a bad word it sounds like one! winning

thanx for explaining the joke

Jim must have been her other lover

or rich's other lover

^ your username makes it better

wow lol that sucks

Did I say Jim? I meant 'him'!!

ouch, the neighbor could now think how bad her husband was XD

nickname? :'D

Yeah, we had nicknames for each other! He didn't tell you?:)