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  fylx100  |  19

Or maybe he was trying to hint at her that the next time they sex, he would like to involve syrup in it. I think he wants to pour syrup on her during sex. It's just a thought. Does anyone else agree? Or should I just go away because I'm over thinking this? Lol

By  perdix  |  29

How waffle!!!

I thought this was so silly until I pictured you covered in warm sweet fluid, your tits buoyed up and glistening in the golden brown syrup. I can see you doing an easy breast stroke with your round shapely buttocks rippling with each frog kick . . . uh, I'm going to need a moment. . .

  little_one  |  20

I'd watch it. Maybe have two girls playing in the syrup. Then when the husband gets home and they filled the pool with syrup he punishes them with his... Pool rod!... Is there a technical term for the stick with the net?