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By Anonymous - 30/09/2012 04:37 - United States - Northridge

Today, my boyfriend told me he masturbates to the thought of me swimming in pancake syrup. FML
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Thizzkidsgotgame 7


There's just no pleasing some women. Be happy his fantasy features you at all.


Thizzkidsgotgame 7


At least he is thinking of you.

I moderated this one. Life=Accomplished

#55 would you like a medal?

55- You must have no life.

With what did he do that in? *XD* "You look delish in pancake syrup."

My boyfriend imagines me covered in coleslaw, I'm just as disgusted as you are.

SystemofaBlink41 27

139- who said I was disgusted?

SystemofaBlink41 27

139- who said I was disgusted?

GuessWhatKids 13

Swimming naked in pancake syrup... sounds awesome!!

Leadamp 7

That is one sticky situation.

SuperDerp 8

Overused pun...... Level:Failure

That's hot

CountDuk 5

I though it was punny :P

DatRealAssTruth 3

Thinking tha exact same thing.

88, just thumb it up and move on.

kikimonole 13

I was totally about to say that. x3 Overused pun or not, it's still funny.

When you can twist three ideas into one small sentence, you've got my thumbs up.

The maple syrup isn't the only thing that makes this a sticky situation.

169- boy, you sure catch on fast, don't ya?

Better hide the Aunt Jemima!

Yeah, for sure. We wouldn't want Mrs. Butterworth to know he's cheating on her, would we?

kittycat1597 10

I can never look at maple syrup the same way again....

well now you know if you ever want to spice up your sex life you can take him to iHop

fylx100 19

Or maybe he was trying to hint at her that the next time they sex, he would like to involve syrup in it. I think he wants to pour syrup on her during sex. It's just a thought. Does anyone else agree? Or should I just go away because I'm over thinking this? Lol

I wouldn't mind syrup during sex. A bit sticky and messy but very delicious.

I once rigged my shower system to pour out syrup; supplied from the sink i pour it into. T'was sweet.

OhLohd111 11

48- I agree with you. He just wants OP to pour some sugar on him, fire their sex life up. It sounds kinda kinky to me. :p

Pour some sugar on meeeeeeee

There's just no pleasing some women. Be happy his fantasy features you at all.

zen1979 16

I think if he thought to include bacon with the syrup she would've been overlooked, if she had even been included

Wait? How is this a FML? He is thinking about you.

Careful.. The last time I questioned an FML I got an email threatening my account!

#8 is not saying the FML is fake. Did you?

#12 every time I comment ....

#12 - I hear you man. Wish the officials would explain what was so inappropriate than simply refer us to the Rules & Guidelines page.

RedPillSucks 31

Cause they don't feel like repeating themselves. They expect you to read.

At least it's YOU he's thinking about, I mean it'd be far worse if he masturbated to your dad swimming in pancake syrup or something :S

Y'know, a click on the "thumb up" button would suffice.

perdix 29

How waffle!!! I thought this was so silly until I pictured you covered in warm sweet fluid, your **** buoyed up and glistening in the golden brown syrup. I can see you doing an easy breast stroke with your round shapely buttocks rippling with each frog kick . . . uh, I'm going to need a moment. . .

perdix 29

To me, it sounds like the beginning, middle and end of a great porno with multiple sequels!

Go get a Twix then.

Anyone else read that comment in a narrator voice?

Its called whip kick :)

perdix 29

Boing! That sounds even hotter!

PleaseStayChill 9

I'm never going to look at a bottle of Aunt Jemima the same again. This comment will be the cause for awkward boners in the syrup section of grocery stores for years to come.

159 - I'm laughing so hard right now!

I don't know about you, 77, but I read it in Morgan Freeman's voice.

I'm not gonna lie, I just about peed myself laughing at this. Thank you.

I'd watch it. Maybe have two girls playing in the syrup. Then when the husband gets home and they filled the pool with syrup he punishes them with his... Pool rod!... Is there a technical term for the stick with the net?

deathpotato 11

The most delicious of fetishes.

Well at least only YOU is on his mind!! It would have been worse if he thought of someone else!! (Misunderstand me right) :)