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  ottokat  |  15

Yes, maybe they'll rehire you on the basis of you already knowing how to do your job. Or maybe this is a sign that you're doing something wrong. That's a really stressful situation, OP. Maybe you should look into other employment options to minimize the amount of time you'll spend jobless should you not be rehired.

  DerrickJames  |  33

I don't know OP's situation but if they're under new management then sometimes they're forced to. There can be many reasons as to why he has to, no need to be angry.

  ChunkyFelix  |  7

OP could be a contract worker... I've worked at Boeing for 6 months but I don't actually work for Boeing. I have to apply for the position I've been holding when they finally hire someone as "my" boss (which could be another 6 months or more). Perfectly legal, though.

By  MrConcise  |  34

This is pretty common. Do you happen to work for the WWE? If so, don't forget to bring a folding chair to the interview. It might be a literal free-for-all.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Because the company is probably downsizing. What they want to do is go through all the updated resumes and weed out the people that they feel are closer to the bottom of the barrel, skill wise.
This is, unfortunately, a common practice in todays economy.

  ballbearing  |  10

My company did that when they had to reapply for a contract with the government. We all had to reapply and accept reduced wages. It sucks but isn't uncommon