By scarred for life - 21/09/2012 10:57 - Canada - Brampton

Today, as a pizza delivery guy, I was forced to see yet another naked 200 pound teenage girl with a serious case of body acne. They're starting to give me nightmares. FML
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Maybe they're watching too many pornos and expect you to deliver an extra large "sausage" pizza...

It's not delivery, it's a porno.


Looks like you guys shouldn't deliver there anymore...FYL

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perdix 29

#25, yes, you can.

TheTwistedOtaku 16

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Any privately owned business has the right to refuse service to certain people who have behaved Inappropriately.

41, now I'M scarred for life.

perdix 29

#33, No problem, I've only learned that fact the hard way. Now, I have to travel miles and wear a disguise to get a coffee. I thought making fart noises as they steamed the milk at Starbucks would get a laugh, not a lifetime ban. Learn from my mistakes.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

If that story is true I feel like the lifetime ban was such an overkill as punishment.

musicluvr2000 11

92- ...yes, yes.

Maybe they're watching too many pornos and expect you to deliver an extra large "sausage" pizza...

It's not delivery, it's a porno.

You could always cover her in cheese, pretend she's a pizza, and eat her.

My thoughts exactly. xP

Kn0wledge123 21

#16 got comment of the day.

23, It's weird, but your comment actually goes pretty well with your profile pic, since female the praying mantis eats the male after mating. Cannibalism and sex...they're like peanut butter and jelly in bug world.

SApprentice 34

57- Actually, they have proven that's false. Those results were obtained while the mantises were being watched closely, in laboratory settings. They were stressed. Recent studies of mantis mating in more natural settings found only one instance of head eating from their test group, and that was only because the female was very hungry. Usually both come away unharmed.

CaptainDoorknob 7

Don'tchu wish your girlfriend was hottt like mee. Lmao I can completely picture this.

OhMinty 5

More like comment of the year.

The mantises have been doing it less frequently now.

Good grief! I didn't think my comment was THAT groundbreaking.... ohstopityou.png

Shitnobodysays_ 4

I've never watched porn in my life!

The_Big_Boss 20

Oh you know you like it

"Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle"

Actually I think it would be "jiggle, jiggle, jiggle".

No, it's wiggle in the song, but it is jiggle on a 200 pound girl...*shivers* uuuck!

soldiat_fml 17

Not sure why everyone is downvoting. If he liked it, it may very well be "wiggle, wiggle"...

perdix 29

I guess you're not going to be eating any pepperoni anytime soon. Or pie. This is a porn flick that does not need to be made. OK?

Agreed! It's not a porno, it's Digiorno!

Don't give people ideas like that

p3mguin 7

I saw a porno where that happened, the guys dick was cut through the box and the penis was hanging though the pizza. True Story

117- AAAHHHH that image... I can't unsee! *stabs eyes out Oedipus-style*

13 - Thank you for posting the best thing I have ever read.

But pie taste good!!'

Kyle225 3

Me too OP...Me too..

Cut them off like a responsible bartender.

I've been there before, my friend. Let me guess... "extra cheese"?

Extra anchovies.

^ Loverboy reference, I like it.

Nice name OP But seriously... Damn

soccergurrll 8

It's scary enough to see one; but multiple... *shudder*

Lucious306 7

I bet that body acne is starting to look like the pepperoni the pizzas, huh?

You are what you eat.

expertsmilee 26

Does that mean cannibals are the only real people?

Only if the person they consumed was also a cannibal. But this would mean that infinite regress would have to exist, a notion that has yet to be proven. Unless it was a circle of cannibalism? O_____o