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  perdix  |  29

#33, No problem, I've only learned that fact the hard way. Now, I have to travel miles and wear a disguise to get a coffee. I thought making fart noises as they steamed the milk at Starbucks would get a laugh, not a lifetime ban.

Learn from my mistakes.

  VorpikeII  |  17

You could always cover her in cheese, pretend she's a pizza, and eat her.

  gracehi  |  31

23, It's weird, but your comment actually goes pretty well with your profile pic, since female the praying mantis eats the male after mating. Cannibalism and sex...they're like peanut butter and jelly in bug world.

  SApprentice  |  33

57- Actually, they have proven that's false. Those results were obtained while the mantises were being watched closely, in laboratory settings. They were stressed. Recent studies of mantis mating in more natural settings found only one instance of head eating from their test group, and that was only because the female was very hungry. Usually both come away unharmed.

  poopehdoo  |  9

Only if the person they consumed was also a cannibal. But this would mean that infinite regress would have to exist, a notion that has yet to be proven.
Unless it was a circle of cannibalism? O_____o