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By  anyagrande  |  31

What boyfriend is ashamed of their partners body! Id definitely talk to your boyfriend if i were you- your partner should love you, not pretend that you are not dating

  Jhetz44  |  3

There is no indication at all that the bf is referring to her body. He could have been ashamed by the fact that she is walking around, answering the door, whatever in her underwear when they were expecting pizza. Seems rather unloving of her IMO.

  slutfactory  |  17

#41, It's not like she was naked. She had her essentials covered, obviously, so I don't think that was the issue. Her boyfriend sounds like the unloving one here.

  CrazedSanity  |  17

It doesn't say that SHE opened the door in her underwear, just that the pizza guy saw her in them. It could very well have been her boyfriend that opened the door, not realizing she was there and in her underwear.

  Raye_Delvego  |  6

So because she was in her own home, relaxing with no clothes on...she's unloving. I'm pretty sure EVERYONE walks around the privacy of their OWN HOME in their underwear at least some of the time.

By  Sady_Ct  |  37

As a bigger girl, I used to get this shit a lot.

Now I'm with a wonderful man who loves and supports me, and who is also affectionate in public and more than happy to introduce me to people as his girlfriend.

If he can't stand by you infront of a complete stranger, how can you expect him to stand by you to people he knows?

He either needs to wake the fuck up, and start loving and appreciating you for everything that makes you you, or he needs to fuck off so you an find someone who does.

And if he is so damned ashamed of your body, why is he ordering pizza instead of supporting you both to get healthy?

You deserve better,

Love and hugs

  toastbrot  |  9

yeah, the underwear is the problem. if his gf would have been gisele bündchen in underwear, he would have been equally embarrassed. suuuuure

//sarcasm off