By FedExMan - 11/08/2009 23:15 - United States

Today, I was delivering packages as usual for work. I was dropping off a large letter to a hot girl. Before I turned to leave the girl opened her mouth to say something. Instead, she just vomited all over me. Her letter was my first delivery of the day. I had to finish my job covered in puke. FML
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FYL. Gross Was she disgusted at your "package?"

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LMAO. You made me laugh #5=) But yes fyl indeed OP! I kinda have a phobia of puke,if i see puke it makes me puke =(

if you were delivering .. why didnt you just go home n chance?

then do you puke more because you see your own puke and then again and again in an endless cycle.

Um yeah...i'd go in a store and buy a shirt that was similar color to my uniform. Then when I got back to work i'd put the shirt on to make my boss happy. No way i'd walk around all day covered in that. Hell i'd even go wash the shirt out in a sink and wear it wet all day. I'd rather show my id badge to each person to prove my employment than to be covered in vomit. that sucks dude!

Unfortunately, FedEx and UPS drivers have some of the most stressful jobs. They have super tight schedules. Hence why they're usually terrible drivers.

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Should've gotten the girl to clean you up!

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Why? I can't imagine your boss wanting you to walk around covered in throw up all day. It seems like you could've done SOMETHING. Even on a lunch break or something, you could've changed.

yeah if she wasn't a bitch shedve washd urshirt

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LOLOLOL Did she ever tell u what she needed to tell you?

okay, so was saying that it was a 'hot girl' reallllyyy have anything to do with this FML?! -_-

was go'na say that. would it have make more sense if she was ugly.

"I was dropping of (sic) a large letter to a hot girl" Why does it matter that the girl was hot? Would it have been better or worse if an ugly girl vomited on you? Also does the size of the letter really matter? This would have been better phrased as "I dropped off a letter to a girl".

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If the girl were ugly he wouldn't be close enough to receive her puke. With a small letter, no need deliver in person.

@#12 It would definitely be worse to be puked on by an ugly girl.

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To # 12 I assumed he said "hot girl" because maybe he thought she was going to ask him out or something when she instead puked on him. And like #13 said a small letter would most likely fit in the mail box. Why does it bother you so much as to how the OP wrote the fml? Read it and move on!!!

@ #13 & 18 In most workplaces all letters are delivered in person or left on the recipient's desk regardless of size. @ # 18 The reason the way the FML was worded bugs me is because so many details had to be left out because the OP ran out of characters. If the OP had phrased the anecdote more succinctly they might have been able to explain better why they couldn't have just changed uniforms instead of walking around covered in vomit.

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If he wrote that he went home to change his shirt (I guess that what he actually did), you would comment "What a lame story, not worth to be published"