By mapleleafs34 - 17/01/2010 19:24 - United States

Today, I realized that the only boy that shows up at my door is the pizza boy. FML
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This sounds like the setup for a cheesy **** flick (-:`,

Seriously, OP. Time to put on a slutty negligee and some really bad disco music the next time you answer the door.

pwincessa23 1

Serves you right for being a maple leafs fan!!! Go habs!! Colis d'ostie.

Its more of an FML for being a leafs fan.

izzy21_fml 0

maybe the cause of this is ordering to many pizzas making you gain weight therefore the only boy to ever show up is the one delivering pizza

actually im white and thats all im interested in they're just so shy

jamieleigh_315 0

Call for some chineese food and you can have a party!

ensemble_coeur 0

mapleleafs34? YDI for liking the Toronto Maple Leafs

Trilogy 1

maybe instead of eating you should go to the gym