By minibuch1505 - 21/09/2012 11:31 - France - Halluin

Today, as I was waiting for my girlfriend in the street, I saw a woman who looked a lot like her. I ran towards her, my arms in the air ready to give her a hug, only to realise it wasn't her. I then had to pass the woman, my arms in the air, still running. FML
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That sucks. But it's not that bad, so random people thought you were crazy. FYL, a little. It was probably better then hugging a random women and getting knees in the balls or something

I wish I could've been there to witness this :D It sounds hilarious xD


That sucks. But it's not that bad, so random people thought you were crazy. FYL, a little. It was probably better then hugging a random women and getting knees in the balls or something

At least OP tried to play it off! Lmao could have been worse.

CaptainDoorknob 7

I died laughing reading this. OP went from simply mistaking a stranger for someone else to looking like an escaped mental patient.

I was in a bad mood today, but this FML is what finally got me to laugh. :D

Op could've seemed even less crazy if he said "sorry, thought you were someone else," no hug required... that is, if she was facing him.

juliekkk 4


BTW, I was first!! Haha.

'It was probably better *than* hugging a random *woman* and getting *kneed* in the balls or something.' But you did use the correct 'it's', so I forgive you, mostly.

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Some people just look similar from afar. It's not like OP would have stopped to analyse the woman, just to be sure is it? OP wasn't expecting it to be a stranger, it's more likely he'd just run over after spotting her, or in this case someone who looks like her.

Since OP was running towards her with his arms wide open, I assume he hadn't seen her in a while and really missed her. He probably just was so excited to see her that he didn't pause to study the person.

If OP is a girl please substitute all my "he's" for "she's". Seriously, people put your gender. Lol

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

It's much more likely that OP is a guy.

I AM aware of that but I read OP's name as mini buTch and thought OP may be a girl. (I know there's no T in it)

musicluvr2000 11

Steps to do when seeing someone: 1. LOOK: stop and analyze them. Stare until your eyeballs fall out. Drink in every single detail. 2. Apologize for staring so creepily. 3. Ask yourself... Do you recognize them? Is he/she really that person? 4. If all answers to #3 are positive, then RUN AND GIVE THEM A HUG!

musicluvr2000 11

14- sexist much?

34 - hows that sexist? He's sayin OP could be a guy OR a girl...

34, use a dictionary. 36, I'm a girl. Lol

Hell, some people tell me I look like Sasquatch from a distance, even though there's not much resemblance. I can definitely understand OP's plight.

52- you're an idiot for not realizing what 'he' means. Also you are so sexist to think that a woman couldn't have a girlfriend. More like homophobic.

#2 - Keep quiet, shit for brains. I got to know 2 really cool guys all because they resembled my boyfriend. Heck, one of them is a spitting image of him!

72, I said OP could be a guy or a girl in my comment #14 that got thumbed down. The person who said "he" was defending me. I am a "her" but they WERE referring to me. YOU are a complete moron. Nothing about my statement was homophobic. I was trying NOT to offend by assuming OP was a guy. Reading comment 34 may help you because comment 36 was responding to that one. You're reading comprehension SUCKS. Have a nice day! :)

SW500 13

Well, my vision has gone to shit and I don't like the feeling of my glasses, so from a distance I have trouble distinguishing people. Maybe OP has a similar issue, or the person seriously looked a lot like his girlfriend. You never know.

2 - Why are you getting offended, it's an honest mistake that happens to everyone. There are 6 billion people in the world, I think it's pretty possible for 2 people to look similar. So for real; chill!

olpally 32

Lmao, sounds like you belong on the tv show jack-ass randomly hugging people and running around like party boy... Need a moment? Grab a twix.

I wish I could've been there to witness this :D It sounds hilarious xD

Tay_racer10 3

It's like the time I was in Glendo with some friends and one of my friends went running up to this couple screaming "MOM! DAD!" And she stops and goes "oh! my parents don't have a dog!" And walks back, they thought she was pretty crazy

ArielTheMermaid 17

This was pretty fun to imagine haha

Nice save! The Maple Leafs could use someone like you who could actually make a save.

As a Habs fan, I appreciate this comment thoroughly.

olpally 32

As a Blackhawks fan, I just hope there's a hockey season! Can we all agree that bettman is an asshole? Lol. Sorry for the rant haha. I'm sure you both feel like I do.

29- yes. agreed.

Awkwardddd :/

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I would have cried from laughing so hard. This is amazing. *favorited*

My thoughts exactly. One of few FMLs to make me laugh out loud!

jessughka 10

The mental image of this happening gave me the good laugh I really needed today. Thanks!

LiterOfCola 16

Haha right?! Very few posts actually make me laugh out loud but this one did

dontpanic_fml 32

I'm so glad it's not just me. I am absolutely dying.

Wow. And I thought it was bad when I waved back at someone who was waving at somebody behind me. You win the awkward moment contest!

SwtCherryPie 26

LOL my husband did almost the same thing except he was running up to smack the girl's ass not give her a hug.

lovepandorasaver 11

I pictured this all too well... haha