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Today, an officer ticketed me for texting while driving. Apparently, getting dumped costs $180. FML
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just because it's a breakup text doesn't mean it's a freebie.

I mean, either way you shouldn't have been texting.


I mean, either way you shouldn't have been texting.

That's awful, but you really shouldn't text and drive.

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25 you still shouldnt do it lmao even if you dont get a ticket

It's not about the ticket, it's about being able to react and not run over people.

#25 A ticket isn't the reason you shouldn't be texting and driving. It endangers the lives of others, it increases your chances of getting into an accident (even more than driving drunk). Thousands of people are killed every year in accidents involving cell phones. Google the statistics, you might be surprised by the numbers. That's the reason you should not be texting and driving. Perhaps you haven't been in an accident yet, but that doesn't mean you won't in the future. There's a first for everything. And I really hope that you change your habits to protect yourself and others on the road. If you're just laughing at this and saying it'll never happen to me, I hope your first accident will not involve the death of a mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, or son to anyone. I hope you will never have to look into the eyes of a grieving family member and tell them I'm sorry.

ChiefKoala 30

Right okay. I've volunteered at a hospital plenty of times. A woman ran a red light while texting and killed a mother and two children. Just recently I had someone who had been texting and driving almost hit me on the interstate, only to be plowed into by an eighteen wheeler. You know what I got to do that cost me to be an hour late to work? Pull that eighteen year old kid from the wreckage and get squirted with hot smelly blood as he bled out from his artery being severed while an ambulance rushed to get there.. His legs are crushed and he won't walk again if he ever wakes up. And most important in my life, my mom was killed in february by some dumbass texting and driving. They ran a red light and hit her side and killed her instantly. So when you and OP go to prison for killing someone, come post again so we can laugh and say "I told you so". You are monsters, and thanks to you idiots my mother and plenty of other people are dead because of your stupid decisions and thoughts of invincibility. I have no sympathy for you or OP, and I hope karma bites both of your asses.

I was a passenger in a car that was hit by a kid who was texting and driving. I was 28 weeks pregnant and had to spent the night in the hospital because I started having contractions. I was hundreds of miles away from my family and my husband was at an army training course for 3 weeks and I had no contact with him. It was incredibly scary. No text is worth it. If it's really important, pull over.

katachristic 19

I get checking your messages if you're at a red light but you probably shouldn't be distracting yourself while driving. If you hate paying attention while driving, or if you feel compelled to answer messages instantly, I would suggest switching to public transit. It's safer, cheaper, more eco friendly, you have zero financial liability if an accident did happen, plus you can text, play games or watch shows.

#51 that was harsh and spot on. Unfortunately, people who text and drive don't really care about the plight of people who've been affected by it. I'm sorry for your loss, sir (or ma'am-- I didn't check gender). Keep on keeping on and do not ever go easy on these idiots. killing is more impolite than being blunt.

You know it's not just about the ticket, you can kill people because of it. You might rethink your actions, because that's pretty awful.

Well yeah, texting and driving is kind of against the law.

Still shouldn't text and drive. $180 is cheap compared to losing your life or killing someone else because you were not paying attention.

just because it's a breakup text doesn't mean it's a freebie.

I'm sorry that happened to you, but you really shouldn't be texting while driving.

I can't see how you don't deserve the ticket. You were texting while driving, that is dangerous on its own. Then add to the fact that you got dumped via the text, makes you the most dangerous driver on the road. You couldn't possibly have been in the right frame of mind to drive.

"My boyfriend dumped me" shouldn't be the reason why someone's kid got run over.

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If you were texting whilst driving there are not really any excuses. You shouldn't have even read the text to know you were dumped until you had pulled over.