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By really_now - 26/04/2013 00:56 - United States - Reno

Today, I was driving when I noticed that the guy in front was on the phone. I pulled up next to him, pulled out my phone and I made a gesture that he needed to put his phone away. It was a cop. I got a ticket for driving while on my cell phone. FML
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I hope to god that they weren't in an obvious cop car...


And how did you not notice it was a police car...?

was probably an undercover one something.

shyeahh_fml 19

Actually, a lot of cops use the defense that the phone is required for work as a lot of people have police scanners. It's a way to talk to colleagues without the public hearing. But I agree, they abuse their power way too often.

In my hometown they always use their lights to blow through the red light and go to Tim Hortons. I've seen them do it dozens of times.

Cops are also trained in defensive driving and take many driving courses along with extensive training in these fields, cell phone? I don't think they would need that for work. Maybe a radio and a laptop, even so, same thing, they are at a certain degree able to get away with these things

Even under cover's cars are obvious, at least where I live. Typical Crown Victoria with an exempt plate.

Maybe you should have minded your own damn business

kristabelli 19

THANK you #52 - I thought I was going crazy here! OP definitely should have minded their own business. (Not that it doesn't annoy me when people talk on their phones when driving, but it's not MY job to make them stop.)

What the hell he was trying to be a good guy and help the guy not get a ticket. What's wrong with that?!

klovemachine 24

OP should shove that phone up the cop's butt...stupid cop :( :O

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#34 I understand that as my dad drives that exact thing. However, our county is getting 2013 dodge chargers as their undercover car with civilian license plates, so sometimes it isn't as noticeable.

Donat96 20

In my state, texting while driving is legal for cops.

MaydayParadexx 18

I feel like looking at the other driver, pulling out your phone, and trying to communicate with another car while driving is a bit more dangerous than talking on the phone. I don't know, just my opinion.

So what is someone got shot should she mind her own business then?

Thanks you these people are such jerks!

seansbro56 10

@52and77 using your phone and driving puts many people at risk not just the driver... Telling people to stop helps everyone.

Too bad you can't call the police for that one, it sounds like highway robbery.

Wizardo 33

Cops are such assholes sometimes, you should have tried to explain your intentions though and tried to see if he understands, if he didn't then... shit.

Look at it from the cops perspective, even if he had explained himself, how many times do you think people are gesturing with their phone at someone else on the road versus using it. The cop would probably dismiss it as an excuse (which is the logical decision). In addition, pulling up next to someone and pulling their attention away from the road is dangerous for both of you, so in a sense he had a reason to pull you over simply for making the road a little more dangerous.

81, if that's the case they can appeal it. I'm sure when you are accused of it you can ask them to prove it. If they were to look back on the phone records they would see that OP was not in fact on the phone at the time of the accusation and he theoretically should be let off.

He wouldn't be, it's less about the physical phone and more about the roadway distraction. Calling or not, he was dividing his attention. It's the same philosophy that's used for ticketing people putting make up on in the car, etc

i dont think anyone cares enough to look into phone records over a cheap cell phone ticket. plus, texting is illegal too, so..

Using your phone whilst driving can get you 3 points on your licence. I think quite a few people care about necessary points!

tjv3 10

This is why people should mind their own business! He wasn't driving your car, he wasn't using your phone, and you are not a cop. So to sum it up it you would have just minded your own business and went about your day you wouldn't have a ticket right now

Then that cop must be stupid can't they just call the phone company to see if the person made any calls that would have cleared him because he wasn't usin it

you deserve it for trying to be a good person in this cruel world... ha just kidding the cop is an asshole and was probably just trying to cover his own ass. fyl indeed.

-sigh. Police can be assholes sometimes. Give someone a little bit of authority and they think every rule doesn't apply to them but they can enforce it on the public. Next time it'd be best to just ignore them and let them get in trouble on their own.

I hope to god that they weren't in an obvious cop car...

So much for being a good person... This world is going to hell my dear friends.

chlorinegreen 27

It's going to hell because a cop was on the phone? Well I'll be damned.

"People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes". Theres a right way and a wrong way of going about things. OP chose the wrong way and got burnt.

Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere!

FYL for trying to do the right thing :

monkeyy100 15

Cops abuse their power at times..

Abuse of power? The cop made a decision on how he saw it. OP deserves it for "using a mobile phone" as a gesture. Who in their right mind does that?

chlorinegreen 27

Could always use the hand gesture instead. You know, the gesture with you pinky and thumb? But you don't think complicated details of what might happen, it just seems easier to pick up your own phone to make a point.

Take it to court. And bring your phone records while you're at it. See if he wants to show up and try to justify his ego trip in front of the judge.

Cops are exempt from all motor vehicle laws except passing a school bus. It wouldn't look very good for OP to go to court. Not including by driving up along side them to try and motion a cell phone created more of a risk than anything.

Here in Ontario you can get a ticket for just having a phone in your hand or for being distracted by drinking a coffee. Its a hands-free law so even if they weren't on a call they can still get a ticket. I don't know about the laws were OP is though.

Cop wins, hands down. They can use their phone for official business and that ticket would NOT get thrown out. If they give you the benefit of the doubt then the courts just stripped some of their police force's discretionary power, which, believe it or not, is generally a good thing to let your police force have. To address the phone records: they wouldn't make a difference, you had your phone in your had and you were distracted from the roadway itself.