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Today, I was on the way to traffic court for a $340 speeding ticket I'd got. My mother called me and I wasn't paying attention which caused me to speed. Right past a cop. When I told the cop where I was going, he started laughing at me. I now have another $300 ticket. FML
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  imright24  |  0

#19, first, nobody said anything about spelling. Secondly, it wouldn't be about the spelling as much as it would be about being an idiot. Being an idiot is no way to get a girl, stupid fuckwad.

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

most, if not all, road encounters I've had were with women and I must say they might as well wear diapers and suck on a pacifier. pretty crazy. the other day I was cut off by an suv in my Mazda 6 and was almost sandwiched between it and the concrete divider in the highway. I had to turn away a little bit, depress my horn and floor the brakes almost hitting the divider anyways! when I pulled up by the driver, she was all nonchalant about it. I nodded my head in disgust the whole way home loll.

and no I'm not sexist, I find humor in this with all the women I know

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

LOL sorry 50, im taken :P

and yeah, my boyfriend almost gets in a lot of wrecks cause women arnt paying attention. im a woman, and i admit, some of us suck as drivers. even i suck XD

  Busterfml  |  0

$640 for not getting into an accident? I would say MLIG for that. Can you imagine if you hit some kid on a bike cause you were speeding? Count yourself blessed and pay that fine with a smile in your heart!


I'm like "wdf??!?" But then i read the jk , lmaooooo but seriously, i was on the sidewalk, and something told me to walk a different direction so when i turned and walked a little, a woman crashed right where i was standing -.- and then she didn't even say sorry to an old guy who was there, she was just arguing about why he was standing there. lmao smh

By  mlleangelique  |  3

... Usually I find FML audiences excessively harsh on blaming people, so I'm a little weirded out that - assuming this holds, it's early days yet - people aren't YDIing this one hard. Srsly, talking on the phone whilst driving at a speed fast enough to get a ticket, and not paying attention? What a fucknugget.

[Edit: she says, just as the YDIs overtake the previously-hugely-outnumbered FYLs.]