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Today, I was on the way to traffic court for a $340 speeding ticket I'd got. My mother called me and I wasn't paying attention which caused me to speed. Right past a cop. When I told the cop where I was going, he started laughing at me. I now have another $300 ticket. FML
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you deserve this so much hahaha

You weren't paying attention? That would be totally awesome if you did start paying attention on the road, or stop driving until you do.


yeah that sucks. you should pay more attention.

Srsly, he's going to get himself in a wreck if he's really taking that much attention away from his driving. YDI OP

wonder if its against the law in ur state to talk on phone and drive.....well ur an idiot for not payin 100% attention to the road

guess one just isn't enough for you :P

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#19, first, nobody said anything about spelling. Secondly, it wouldn't be about the spelling as much as it would be about being an idiot. Being an idiot is no way to get a girl, stupid fuckwad.

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if you can't talk on the phone and still pay attention to the road, don't do it!

this is a repeat from the same person

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Do you expect sympathy for speeding and talking on the phone while DRIVING? haha YDI

ur probably not even a ****** smartass

44 how about we just make a baby of our own

Haha! This is too funny... YDI x 10. Haha you shouldn't even be answering a call when you're driving.

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YDI for getting a ticket the first time and not being a woman. Only women get tickets.

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most, if not all, road encounters I've had were with women and I must say they might as well wear diapers and suck on a pacifier. pretty crazy. the other day I was cut off by an suv in my Mazda 6 and was almost sandwiched between it and the concrete divider in the highway. I had to turn away a little bit, depress my horn and floor the brakes almost hitting the divider anyways! when I pulled up by the driver, she was all nonchalant about it. I nodded my head in disgust the whole way home loll. and no I'm not sexist, I find humor in this with all the women I know

LOL sorry 50, im taken :P and yeah, my boyfriend almost gets in a lot of wrecks cause women arnt paying attention. im a woman, and i admit, some of us suck as drivers. even i suck XD

$640 for not getting into an accident? I would say MLIG for that. Can you imagine if you hit some kid on a bike cause you were speeding? Count yourself blessed and pay that fine with a smile in your heart!

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78- haha I bet. and you gotta admit, that was a hell of an offer by 50. lol

haha 84, I read the first part of the post and I was like "stupid asshole" :) very convincing! :D

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84, I can drive, and I have never been in a wreck and know plenty about cars, you can't categorize all women into one category we aren't all the same!

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damn 92 it seems as if 84 took up more space than you can handle lol. it says jk at bottom

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haha wow yeah I'm tired sorry I take it back lol my bad

I hope the judge laughs at you about your second ticket.

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it's not illegal to drive while on the phone here. Atleast not yet anyway. :)

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wow I'm surprised he didn't give you a brake

I'm like "wdf??!?" But then i read the jk , lmaooooo but seriously, i was on the sidewalk, and something told me to walk a different direction so when i turned and walked a little, a woman crashed right where i was standing -.- and then she didn't even say sorry to an old guy who was there, she was just arguing about why he was standing there. lmao smh

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YDI for being on the phone and driving. Jackass

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I wonder if the cop was laughing cause you expected him to believe you, or just laughing at your situation.

YDI OP!! You'd have to be going a LOT faster than the speed limit to get a $300 ticket! Stop being so irresponsible.

bloody idiot. who answers their phone in the car?

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44 is a pedo hide your babies!

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YDI you seem to be blaming everyone but yourself

and write all that just to say that you were kidding ?Tonto!

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you deserve this so much hahaha

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Luck plays no part here. Bad things happen to him because he's a dumbass

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What's funny, and I just noticed this and had to comment about, these "comment moderated" comments are more pointless than "first"

^You realize the author of that comment did not write •Comment moderated", yeah?

would have been funny except the spelling error makes it look fake.

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lol, just what i was going to say

YDI. If you can't multitask, don't do it while driving! Plus you shouldn't be on your phone while driving anyway.

... Usually I find FML audiences excessively harsh on blaming people, so I'm a little weirded out that - assuming this holds, it's early days yet - people aren't YDIing this one hard. Srsly, talking on the phone whilst driving at a speed fast enough to get a ticket, and not paying attention? What a fucknugget. [Edit: she says, just as the YDIs overtake the previously-hugely-outnumbered FYLs.]

11: OP's a Masshole. The FYL option shouldn't even exist on this one.

YDI for being retarded and not paying attention I hope they take your license away